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You so much for coming onto. The jains are with us today. Also it was nice having you will thank you both so much for interviewing me and for taking the time to learn a little bit more about the senate very nice and we hope you out in the audience. Learn something to that was. I'm a dais and zen. Menendez talking with senator martin hinrichs staffer elsom menendez. Who is their aunt. Thank you very much for that wonderful piece. You're listening to the children's hour Seen there's no one. Lincoln really tall martin. Dinosaurs and fossils constitution and dream down a drew are you are you. Don could be heard but you have to tell the party. Hold up his stand up. Gather with the change in washington d. c. you washington. Dc is the not. it's you are listening to the children's hour. This next one is inspired by a law. That is taking shape in state legislatures around the united states. And maybe we'll become a federal law. It's called the crown act. It's a law that prohibits or stops discrimination based on hair. This is.

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