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Has freed three women jailed for title of thirty years after being accused of a their babies. The women say they suffered miscarriages, but were convicted of aggravated homicide Central American country has some of the world's strictest abortion laws, and as you may know today is International Women's Day and compaign assay the story illustrates how women can find themselves behind buzz after suffering complications during childbirth. I've been speaking to Catilina Martinez chorale from the center for reproductive rights organization has been pushing for women's release. And she was that when they will talk of prison. We had the chance to to speak with them today was very important. They actually we were all outside the jail waiting for them their families their daughters had that having seen their moms for for many time. Now, how do you think? A cop to jail time. Of course, having spending nine almost ten years in jail for a crime that they didn't commence has silo theme. Parks in them your lives. They the a happy, of course to be freed. But think that the long bus east ahead of them for a full recovery. What happened to them? How do they end up spending all the time in jail cell dead? Three of them is still birds which is on upset you can -mergency. And because of that they were accused on charged with aggravated Tommy side why because Salva or. Is one of the six countries in the region that has a total criminalization abortion, which means that we men cannot access abortion even either lives on headline danger. And because of that exceeds a lot of stigma around the and medical professionals are not allowed to work where when Mormon arrive to hospitals looking to healthcare after having any kinds of obstetric emergencies. For example, doctors are kills them in violation of the provisional secret and the persecution begins at that moment. And after that women have to face a navigate three Jedi southeast them that he's full of of stereotypes. So if a woman was giving birth and complications in village somewhere and the baby died and she went to hospital what would happen to while. Doctors will accuse them because they will be afraid to be persecu-. So the doctors afraid to be prosecuted. Yeah. And so they'll report it to the police. Yes. The woman. Well, the the women have to face a judicial process. They are arrested. Of course, they arrested, and they are sent to jail with sentences of their years. That's just crazy though. A lot of people listening to this think that the go to jail, and what sort of treatment is given to them when they get to jail by in because I'm sure the women's prison on the. Yeah, they go. They go to women's prison. In prison is not easier. Actually, they are seeing a smaller is that killed her babies because that he's this oppose alleged threes on why they are there, and they are very discriminated by ideal Fischella's in prison and also by the other women in terms of numbers of women were affected by this. Would you put it out? I can I can talk for the Bengal prison that he's the present where where is more women that we are representing where what I can tell you is that when we began our work with local partners, El Salvador's a five years ago, seventy we men wearing prison for these same circumstances. The number have been innovated to more than thirty over the years. Now today in Congo prison eighteen we men remain in jail for the same circumstances. Catalina Martinez Cora from the center for reproductive rights. Now, our Ross has a success story in sports. I do. Well, I should be a success story fingers crossed for the team on their first African Champions League campaign for twenty years lucky to become the first side to reach the knockout stages of this year's competition lighter despite being placed in a full team group with the current African champions and two former champions Algeria's Constantine, just need a droid teach. And as he has club African to book that causes a final place. Elsewhere Roma have sacked head coach you save. You have different Cesco following their Champions League defeat by polio. On Wednesday, the Italian club a fifth in Setia after a three now lost local rivals latte CO on Saturday. They know he's been recalled by Argentina for the first time since the World Cup had missed the six game. Since their last sixteen to France in Russia, but said Joe a Guerra consulate Wayne and about Hikari are all not in the squad and athletics. Kenya has called Daniel Rhodesia a pioneer he represented the country for the love of the game, the Olympic silver medalist, and the father of world record-holder David has died in hospital in the Kuru eight seventy three and a very good morning to you. If you're listening to us in a coup ropy, very sad news a of Kenya little trending yesterday. And a lot of Kenya's were talking about it on social media outlets rose. Thank you more from Ali cinnabar's. Well, twenty five minutes. In the meantime, let's switch our focus to business news now and Philip Hampshire is the world's second largest economy. China has reported a surprise twin to one percent plunge into one percent plunge. I think plunges on the way to describe such a big fall in exports. And it seems the slowing global economy might be the thing is it Philip puncture. Well agents. Stock. Markets are down those follow on from declines in Europe and North America yesterday. But does even worse over in Asia right now, the slides being exacerbated by poor economic data and the slump in Chinese exports is a big part of it. The numbers are four times worse than analysts have predicted exports in February shrank twenty point seven percent from a year ago. The biggest fool since two thousand sixteen analysts had expected only a four point eight percent. Decline is not a lot of hope for the internal economy might really China through this without help from the government either. Because imports of also fallen Chinese stocks were already under pressure on Friday after the European Central Bank, stoked fears over global economic growth is revealed plans for a fresh stimulus stimulus. So I spoke to Jeremy Thompson cook whose chief economist at will. I asked him what's going on in China? I of anytime you look at February data out of China you have to realize overseas. The Chinese New Year the lunar new year holiday, you tend to see declines. But obviously as you said four times. Analysts expected. Either means analysts got it wrong with something very very rotten within the state of the Chinese sites appropriate. It's probably a bit of both to be honest. If you blend that's number with the January number and look at that against last year's figures. It's doubt about five percent. And that's probably in keeping with the rough expectation of just how much the global economy and sunny trading conditions of weakened since this time since this time last year so imports as you said a little bit weaker as well, the Chinese economy is probably weaken the where it was this time last year. But also the main customers, China US and Europe also decidedly weaker as well. So the figures on horrifyingly bad as they would. I do the headlines would first appear. They're still not good though. So what's happening internally within China either? You saw a huge output over the course of December and January so people Chinese exports, for example, pushing stuff out of the ports as quickly as possible to try and avoid this March first potential trade tariffs deadly. Line which is obviously now been extended. So maybe that showed that the figures coming out of China towards the end of last year were artificially high. So obviously, we're seeing a little bit more volatility in the numbers internally, and you can't really pick through Chinese trade data that easy don't release the internals of those numbers. So you have to a lot of guesswork when it comes to Chinese data. So you have to look and say we are starting to see a slow down within this whether certain sectors within this automotive, for example, construction starting to starting to slow down power generation may also be slowing down as well. And that will those thoughts may bear out over the course of the next couple of months, but I would say this is more a global story than a Chinese domestic story in the moment. Jeremy Thomson cooked chief economist will I thank you Philip now listen to this. So what you hear this sound from a video that was filmed in rural Pakistan bucking twenty eleven night shows two men dancing as for women sing a wedding song. But this video led to the motto of the women in a so called on a killing the believed to have been killed by male relatives who told that they were bringing the family on a into disrepute. Now, the man at the center of a campaign to expose this mistook notorious incident has himself been killed half. Sal Kohistani was shot dead in the northwestern city of about Abbotabad on Wednesday night. He spoke to the BBC just last month. Salga shuttle certain years after the mother of these girls, the government has accepted, the before the supreme court of Pakistan, the girls who appeared in STAN video. Mahamud graze this before in every court and institution since then. But this time was covered up I appeal to charities to provide security for me and my family, and I demand that the culprits are brought to Justice. So that in the future the lives of the women. Of course, say have cell Kohistani was the brother of one of the two men who appeared in the original video his death comes amid a blood feud. It's also seen three of his other brothers killed now to discuss all these you cannot cross Islamabad and talk to Zeeshan Salahedeen from this center for research and security studies, it focuses on religious and political extremism within the human rights round. Which have you on? This is a shocking case. I wonder how is Pakistan or Pakistan is reacting to it. Thank you for having me. I think the answer to that is is more anecdotal for me as a long than anything else human rights organization in this country have been lamenting this particular case because this man despite having no resources having no money and not really having his voice heard by both the state institutions as well as human rights organization is fighting endlessly for it. So as far as the urban centers concerned as far as the liberal media is concerned, of course, this is cause for much concert. But you have to also understand that it's very easy to sort of paying this in the light of these are honor killings that happened to far flung areas. Establishes when the fact of the matter is that the reason this is happening in rural areas. These remote reached is because there are several other factors that going to it their social cultural factors, their religious political factors. There are certain gender role expectations and interior Jerry KP that lead to this kind of behavior. In fact, I would say a few years back in two thousand six there was a Surrey of very widely quoted survey conducted within the city of Islamabad English respondents fifty seven percent of them half male half female, actually, endorsed these killings as a way to restore the family so widespread from what you're saying, Sean, I it seems like it's a problem that is can be found in in any puddle Pakistan. Not not any part of FOX like I said, it's it's a it's a much bigger problem in remote regions. But the problem here is that it gives you the mask on career motives within this larger structure like a lot of times this happened because of allegations of free or extramarital relations or a midget relations or liaison or dressing inappropriately. But in certain cases, for example, it's to settle a family feud, it's because a memale has access to property that the male wants, and that can very easily be honor killings can be very easily used to mask those. Right. But it does that make it more difficult to prosecute these cases. Given the fact that they might be other elements to it. Of course. I mean, the problem there are many problems, of course, here, but one of the major ones. Perilous Justice systems, right? The Justice system the Justice conveyor belt in boxed on is very very slow. There are one point nine million cases in courts these systems these Jirgas that actually sentenced these men and women gifts for bringing dishonor to the family is that peril Justice system and exists because of a weak rule of law and be because certain areas of Boxton will actually have just access to that Justice system. Look good to talk to you, the Sean thank you very much times. This Sean Salahudin a center for research and security studies..

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