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If you want to chime in on that, can well, let me let me listen, I am somewhat unfamiliar with what the disatisfaction with Ross Bjork in. What's what does it concern? Well, like I called last week and goal about from Dixon, we love, and he doesn't want that plate every gin and also statue move into Morial. I mean stuff like that. I mean, there's there's a huge division. There's going on right now. And. I'm not really sure I mean, I'm I'm telling you, this is gonna be really sad for football station this year because even though on have great team with right quarterback. We have other coming in. We had a pretty decent class coming in. And we've got these great coaches at school. Now, look man, I know he's coats. But this is a trying time right now. And I'm gonna let you know this when there's over four thousand people that are not renewing their season tickets not giving in my university that studies almost half empty. You know, let me let me offer this this Joseph. I will I will get to the bottom of it. I apologize for not having done it where this came up about a month ago. When when Bowe bounds was on the program. He unloaded on Ross Bjork and talked about that situation Bjork when after bounds publicly instead, it wasn't true that the ticket sales have been very good. I don't know the listen, I don't really know policy Mr Paul lesson and also Asian things that are whenever they started. All this stuff. They said oh miss. We're all these be all misrepre will always be almost rebels. Well, now, they started taking this away input. This script him on some of our charges and stuff, and that's not all mess like they're fading into way. I'm telling you what is going on. And there's a lot of people's very dissatisfied. I'm citing me know, and if you get became too, you'll find out I mean, I'm a Massachusetts. I don't I don't doubt it. But and I will be in that area. Not too far in the distant future. I'll see if I can find out a little bit more. Hey, thank you for the call. Brian is up next in South Carolina. Brian welcome to the program. Liz to Paul. How are you? Good looking. Thank you very much. Big Hello to the boys in the box. I just wanted to tell you how I really feel today Nick Sabin with his hip. I don't know I'm not being ugly. But I just think he's a bit of drama Queen myself, but complains a lot. But I guess, you know, you know, whatever this Joe Leyva. I'm I mean, honestly from a distance. I I'm surprised he's still there. I mean, I laughed at LSU for many situations over the last few years moving onto my Gamecocks. You know, like what in the heck is going on baseball team. We got a great coach just were we need to figure that out. But I am excited. Frank Martin, of course, chose to not go to cincy. He's a great, man. And definitely a great coach. And we definitely looking at the. Recruits. We have coming in. It's gonna be great coming here shortly. And lastly to the football team. I hope everybody continues overlook our team were improved in the running back. We're definitely better on the offensive line were equally as good if not better, I know. It sounds crazy on wide receiver the debate going, but we're going to be equally as good or better. Listen. Oh, brian. I don't think anyone doubts that South Carolina will be better. I think what they do doubt is whether the Gamecocks can handle the most difficult schedule Leeson, the SEC, and I dare say in the entire country with the three top teams in America on the schedule based on what Seth Walder told us today. That's Alabama, Clemson and Georgia. Thank you very much for the call..

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