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Is gonna join us in an hour. <hes> this dude makes them creative choices and is surrounded by the right people. I look forward to talking to kenny powers. I'm a big fan of a lot of his work. I don't know that i've been a bigger fan of anything in his work other than the more than the explosive sky on tropic thunder and he's done a lot of great worked. I like ten things. This guy has done what surprised i saw him the other day in a serious role in like what was it a submarine movie or something. I didn't even understand understand what was happening there. Can someone help me with what danny mcbride was doing. Serious moving my favorite role of his people probably wouldn't go to. I is in pineapple express. I'm trying to get a scholarship. He's an hour and he's a lot of fun a <hes> tweeter though has taken up with you chris got specifically specifically a problem with you and of course this problem ends up sticking to me. I i respected the tweeter rights. I respected lebatardshow right up until that take of cici's pizza being better than pizza hut keys then. I can't believe you said that. I mean i'm serious. Though c._c.'s pizza is money stop doubled in the same room. I love pizza knocking love. They're going back to your childhood. There's this too. We have a pizza sponsor. We love that. I don't think we need to sponsor sponsor. It's good for you to drop some some fear right in the middle of that segment village just what we needed as a topping had could go ahead five minutes. Yeah we have a sponsor. We were doing a pizza. Thank you get out of here. You should be after your take on cici's. You'll go sit with bill. You come back in two minutes because i want this story about the home run. I need this story but i i have to get to danny trae o._j. Saved a baby from a car. Was it a burning car. What happened because you gave me these details and not enough of turned car. He rescued a baby from an overturned car. He did an interview afterwards. It's telling everyone how we did it and he did that interview shirtless of course it's all i got that one. You don't need any more than that. Do you like does anyone need it anymore. Details than that danny trae oh who is tiny incidentally <hes> but always shirtless and came through our prison system and became my <hes> danny trae. Oh has saved a baby from an overturned car and he was shirtless..

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