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Ten a search of the Gilmore gunman's Nevada home turned up disturbing items that could have been used for a larger attack KCBS reporter Holly Quan joins us live with details that investigators hope will help paint a clear picture of why Sunday shooting occurred it is a nineteen year old Sentinel again was living in an apartment in Walker lake Nevada the neighbor say was usually rented by transitory people so they didn't really get to know the tenants the chronicle reports investigators searching the home found a gas mask bullet proof vest camouflage backpack a knife empty ammo boxes a gun light and reading material on white supremacy and radical Islam the paper also reports one of his brothers told investigators that sent you know was a loner and be giving away possessions in the days before Sunday's late afternoon shooting that killed three and injured twelve others FBI deputy special agent in charge Craig fares as will be going through is digital media for clues to his state of mind and intentions meanwhile the five to six acre crime site at Christmas part may remain sealed off until the end of the week we're looking at as many is about sixty evidence response team members that are out there I'm not just collecting evidence but creating for example three dimensional maps of the crime scene area crime scene of this size that's the volume of a personal that we need to process it properly and efficiently he tells KCBS they haven't fully ruled out any a second person may have been involved with your wife police think badly can acted alone pointing to surveillance footage of him shopping alone a nearby stores in the hours leading up to the shooting reporting live Holly Quan KCBS thanks Sally meanwhile Santa Clara county officials are increasing security at a number of big public events including the county fair after what happened in Gilroy on Sunday let's go to KCBS is bad bigger for that part of the store stand you know there's already been a lot of buzz about the Santa Clara county fair this year which is adding events and concerts to celebrate its seventy fifth anniversary but now the story is the extra security being added in the wake of the mass shooting at the Gilroy garlic festival supervisor Dave Cortez he tells KPIX five the sheriff's office has a new security plan to make families feel safe although they are not releasing it to the public a lot of that will be confidential because we don't want people with criminal.

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