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As the Titans take over the top spot in the division within 83 record. Philip Rivers today 295 yards. Couple of scores, but not a whole lot from the running game. Indianapolis now in second place in the NFC South. Seven and four Las Vegas Raiders, a team that was trying to cement their place in the A F C playoff race, going in to take out a three and seven Atlanta Falcons team now Raiders and scored 30 points arm or in three straight games, one shy of the franchise record. But today's scoring was subverted. Shall we say by the inability to hold on to the football Raiders had turned the ball over three times in the previous five games Today, they turned it over five times and Matt Ryan took advantage. Ryan takes the snap. Matt looks hesitates Throws caught Red Li back line of the end zone Touchdown Atlanta, Ryan took a big shot on hung in there and delivered the throw a looping shot to Ridley on the back line for the touchdown. Well, he showed a lot of courage with Storm. David Archer Sports Radio 90 to 9 the game in the Falcons radio Network for Mad Ryan two touchdown passes on the day today, All of the numbers were kind of modest numbers were huge, though for Derek Carr told you about those five turnovers. He had four of them, including three fumbles lost. That's a career high in terms of turnovers. For Derek Carr. This game was a mess for Vegas is they lose 43 to 6? That improves the record of foreign seven on the year for Las Vegas Raiders. Josh Jacob's seven carries 27 yards. He also lost a fumble there now six and five of the playoffs started today. Vegas would be on the outside looking in Buffalo Bills, however, would be in the middle of the playoff on playing back at home again. Now against the L, A Chargers and coming off their bye week, they looked rested. They also looked like they had a couple of tricks up their sleeves. Gosh, Alan has them lined up bills second and eight. At the charges 20 just gonna throw it behind them. Bc gonna throw it again to a man wide open Gabriel Davis Touchdown touchdown. Buffalo called Beasley that Gabriel Davis. How about that? John Murphy. W GR Sports Radio 5 50 in Buffalo and Wells Big day for Cole Beasley, who had an opportunity to throw that touchdown pass, and also Josh Allen, who threw for one and ran for one. The Bills haven't lost following a bye week under Sean McDermott, and they didn't lose today. 2070 17 the final over the Chargers first time they've beaten L. A since 2008 Justin Herbert threw for 316 yards and a touchdown but also an interception. And it was an opportunity late in the game for the charges, potentially.

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