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Is to identify a Cormac one thing that they want someone to remember that they've communicated and then from there we build out if you get one course engines down. What is the essence of your story? Even help the moral of your story. What is the thing that you want someone to come away feeling? Write that down and that takes time right figure that out. Out wordsmith it test it out on friends. Yes, that core sends him down and once you do that, then you can start building out whatever supporting points around that. What are the examples for my own life that give that one sentence contacts? What are the words in languages and ideas that I can share that connects that one sentence to my audience. There's a whole host. Host of strategies, but I think the core message is one of the key learning module by I teach people to be able to really articulate who they are and what they want in the world. Before we go, Erica I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine. WHO said there's stuff I need to do to make sure okay when the pandemic is over. And every morning I get up and CEO Cam and do it today, but every day I. don't because I'm paralyzed and I. Wonder What you say to people right now. Who are just afraid? They're overwhelmed and frightened, and not making changes or preparations, because they feel can't yeah. Yeah, there are a couple of things I give yourself. The space I went to a therapist once told me I said Oh. I'm so frustrated I'm feeling this really bad thing. I'm jealous of someone a terrible is. Don't feel that I've been upset all week. Week that I'm jealous and she was like well. What happened if you gave yourself forty five seconds to just sit and do and be jealous and thank all the bad thoughts and I was like I can't do that. That's terrible. That's against what I believe. A Matha Kinda woman Blah Blah Blah you know just plus do that together. And we sat for forty five seconds, and silence was so different comfortable, but I let all these bad negative, jealous, envious thoughts through my mind, and when it was over, she said now now what? Sounds like what do you mean, said okay, now you've done that. You've experienced it. You left the feeling happen, and we can move on and I took that lesson for the rest of my life that sometimes it's okay to heal, and you have to give yourself that space and most of the anxiety and the stress you feel around it. Be guilty field for feeling. Right so in that. Is Okay I should be doing more right now but I'm not. I'm so frustrated that I can't and I realized. I know it shouldn't actually moving. and. That's keeping you in that state so the first I would say give yourself some time. I. Don't know what that looks like for you. That's a day a week. Every morning you have been called morning pages I. write out everything that's in my head whenever you need to do. Allow it and be okay and be non judgmental about that. And then start to give yourself basis pack smallpox not again. I have to read an entire book a week or two. We write my resume by tomorrow, but small babysat this week. I'm going to explore. Spend my time when I'm online instead of just curling instagram and looking at people who have a different life than me I'm gonNA actually really intentionally. Start Looking at career path. GonNa look this week I. Don't have to make any dramatic changes and start mapping out those baby set and again. If you miss a guy, that's okay, do pretty much any change in life I've been told it works that way for weight loss I would know but. You know babysat and being really gentle and graceful with yourself. Yes, the world is changing right now. You know we don't exactly know what the future is going to hold, but if we tell her every day, you will be okay. You will be okay. You've got what you need. Take care of yourself. Give yourself the space to imagine as a dream and to learn,.

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