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As the first civil war raged from wellfounded himself on the side of the parliamentarians though he had no prior military experience he opted to recruit troops for cavalry soldiers and also began to train as one cromwell proved himself a capable soldier through a series of battles it was thanks to these battles that cromwell was eventually put in charge of training the parliamentarians army by sixteen forty five cromwell had one decisive conflicts at nays be and langport and by may sixteen forty six king charles was forced to surrender ending the first english civil war from sixteen forty six to sixteen forty eight there was a lull in combat but continued turmoil in politics meanwhile king charles rallied his forces and once again tried to take back his throne by force in sixteen forty eight q the second english civil war this war however was short lived lasting only about a year cromwell led his forces una for roche's campaign across england striking down any royalist contingents he executed his enemies with extreme prejudice all while claiming to be god's instrument cromwell had used religion to justify his actions before but not on this scale he wrote to allies asking them to meditate on various soames it seemed no matter what happened whether cromwell lost or one god was dictating the outcome regardless of divine intervention the second civil war came to a close in december sixteen forty eight pretty soon much of the old parliament was removed only those who supported the new model army and senior officers known as grandees remained this new parliament was known as the roam the rumps first order of business was the.

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