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Man transfer. You're gonna listen all night long because at any given moment this puppy is going right off the rails. I promise you dean Johnson sitting in for Bradley Jay tonight, twelve fifteen outside twenty one degrees. Jay talking. We get plenty of talking to do and again throughout the course of the evening, you'll conversation. Always welcome six one seven two five four ten thirty against six one seven two five four ten thirty and the toll free number because you know, we do hit close to forty states and much of Canada with this nighttime signal eight nine two nine ten thirty s at number eight eight eight nine two nine ten thirty. And what does it say about my pathetic life that I begin very pleased with myself each evening when I can remember those numbers without being prompted. And we have I guess is Terry Downes the executive director for homeland security at Middlesex community college. Jerry has been a regular guest. When yours truly has been a part of the operations here at the station for a variety of reasons. All good ones. He plays. Well with others. He knows his stuff. And he keeps us informed about what is going on in the world of homeland security and other related topics. Terry. How are you this evening? I'm good good to be back. It's always good talking with you. Hope you're doing well, my friend. Yes, I am as I said during the intro tonight. Whenever I have you on people must think that you're like on a call button that I at last minute. I said, oh, look what happened. The bad phone. We've got to get Terry on. And of course, sadly that never happened as you, and I talk as we do on a regular basis, and after if you ever been on for a while as Terry let's let's get together and catch up on things. Sadly, inevitably inexorably, and whatever adjective people may want to put it in the air when I do that something happens, and I'm not insinuating. It's a it's a Hex or anything like that. What I think it does say is. It's a sad commentary about the times are living in. Yeah. It is the things to keep happening with with disturbing regularity. And I think we talked like three weeks ago or something about scheduling tonight. No idea these things. Continue our conversation. I always liked to connect with you. And find out what? A bear with me terrorism dealing with some difficulties here the second. I was talking with you about the latest events, and sadly, we've got a bunch of them. Don't we? Yes, we do. It's unfortunate. But that's that's the tenor of the times we're living in shall we? I said well, well what shall we talk about? I it always sounds like such a nasty way to put that. Let's talk about what happened recently out in the midwest. It is in a way part and parcel of everything that is happening. Far too commonplace these days. Yes. This was terribly sad situation in Aurora Illinois, not to be confused, obviously with the other horrible shooting a few years ago in Aurora Colorado. This was not far from from Chicago. With six people were killed five of them innocent victims the six being the perpetrator himself. Six others were injured in the shooting that took place has a lot of the witness a lot of the listeners know at a place where this fella had worked as a place called the Henry Pratt TT plant, and he was either too little unclear he either had already been told he was being fired or he was laid off rather. But he was or he was in the middle of here. A meeting in which he was being informed that he was being let go it looks like he knew that. He was being let go because he arrived with a loaded handgun on person for the meeting. So he knew that his time. There was going to be ending one way or the other. And of course. The sad part. All of this is so many sad portions of about all of this. But the sad part of all of this is of course, he brought the gun with him. And he never should have had the thing in the first place. Correct. That's right. His name was Gary Martin. He's forty five hit works there. Apparently for fifteen years. Had a conviction for a felony in Mississippi and aggravated assault even guilty nineteen ninety-five actually served two and a half years in Mississippi prison, and he had six arrests with the Aurora police departments for things ranging from domestic violence to violating a protective order and disorderly conduct. Apparently, what happened was in two thousand fourteen he was issued an Illinois firearm played card that happened apparently because the background check in Illinois for that kind of a card which did not allow someone carry concealed weapon. That did not involve a fingerprint. Check. However shortly thereafter, he was able to buy gun legally under the circumstances. Same gun that was used during the shooting. Apparently from a licensed dealer later on he applied for concealed carry permit. And the state police conducted a fingerprint check uncovered the Celani revoked firearms identification cards and notify them in writing that he was required to turn in the gun. He had purchased. He never did that. And no one ever followed up on it. And apparently that's more common than than anyone would like under the system in Illinois. So deal right legally. He should not have had it. He should have turned it in. That's not helping anybody. But it it just shows you yet another situation where the system quote, unquote, failed the public, and this is the thing that must be frustrating to to so many people when I can talk about the weight impacted the families of those directly involved in the shooting, but without getting into we need stricter there. So we need looser that we're going to be more vigilant about their. Here's a simple situation where the basic laws already in place. Failed us. That's correct. He he did have the gun had gotten it from a licensed gun dealer who did all the reporting. The licensed gun dealer was supposed to do. They later found out. He should not have any authority to carry any kind of a weapon possess any kind of a weapon because of his felony conviction was ordered to turn it in for which presumably he would have received fair compensation. Nobody's just gonna sees the gun and not paying for the being titled the compensation for it. He didn't do it. The local police indicate that they have no record of receiving notice from the state police that they were supposed to go in and follow up on the state. Police order apparently under this system. The state police don't follow the order up. This supposed to notify local police local police say they didn't get the notification. So yes, this is system in place had the system it'd be a reasonably good chance that they would have actually gotten at least that gun, but it didn't work and we see what's happened since then. And and this wasn't even your typical Saturday night special. This thing had a laser sight on correct? Yes. It was it was a forty caliber in gun, which is which is a, you know, all all of these handguns are in can cause death. No question about that. But this particular one. Was forty caliber. So it's pretty heavy calibre, and it had attached to it by all reports laser sight, which makes it difficult to miss when you when you know, how to use a laser sight and you're using correctly. It's hard to miss the target your. It's twelve twenty four here in downtown Boston. It is Jay talking Jeanne Johnson or Dino J pinching four Bradley Jay for the evening. Bradley's fine. Just out enjoying himself with some well deserved time off. I guess is Terry Downes the executive director for homeland security at Middlesex community college catching up in some of the recent events associated to homeland security both internationally domestically and we're focusing on the recent shooting in Aurora. This was just hungry all our Terry. But this is just how heartbreaking many levels because the victims here would chest hard-working blue-collar family guys who were literally in the wrong place. This is especially poignant. I mean, this is really really heartbreaking without mentioning the names. I can tell you that there was a twenty four year old human resources manager. So clearly a young person the plant manager who only thirty seven years old. The local union stewarts forty six years old. A stock room attendant who was also forklift officer. He was age fifty five he was the oldest of them and a grandfather. And and this is awful a student at northern Illinois university who was. One years of age on his first day as an intern at at the company. I just remember hearing and seeing the items at least one of the victims have not a couple them, Texas, their wives. I love you. I've just been shot. I teared up when I first saw it. I mean, I really it just got to me right away. And even think about it, you say just an awful thing. And you know, the systems were in place. He was initially contact you really needs to turn him. But again, as you mentioned, Terry, he's got a long record of being pretty squeezy kinda guy. So just an a letter saying turn this in he's not gonna do that unless there's a follow up of some sort or another. So in a way the system did follow through but not enough not enough. And this is as you point out. This is not the kind of person who's going to get a leather that notifies him of a legal obligation who's likely to say, oh, I didn't realize they needed to do this. You know, I'll I'll be down tomorrow to the police station with the leather and they end gun and turn it in. And yeah, I wanna be in compliance a fellow like this couldn't care less about a letter. He receives from authorities. He wants to win thirty one. It's in his interest to do. So he might be able to get something like a firearms identification card or a licensed to carry a concealed weapon. But when the is no he doesn't he couldn't care less. And in the process, of course, he did unspeakable harm do so many people and their families. He was shot. Of course, these people are only going to have to guess as to what was going through his mind, just begin indiscriminately shooting, a where there are people that he picked out for one reason or another we're never going to know. But as you said, if one was an internist, I in the job, I think it's fair to assume this guy wasn't picking on this kid for any particular reason, he just happened to be there at the time. Now, he didn't even know who the young fellow was heartbreaking now part of the breakdown. It seems is we were dealing with state to state regulations. And when you do that, there's always a little gap that seems a little synapse. State to locality so state to municipality so noise state police to a municipal police department within the state of Illinois by ES, you still gorham from agency to agency..

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