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You have a threeyear extension what is it one aides seven three three seven six eggs ex nick is is calling from beige shore nick you're on if there was happening thank you for taking my call i just want to make a point angrily you can uh share your thoughts on it easy kuhn that kashmir cashman put together four gerardy from '09 kill the two thousand twelve before the rebels king boy stack i n four gerardy kind of dropped the ball big time where that king should have been a heavy snow world kyrie every year you had an outstanding in field can no g i thought i and two thousand can in part of two thousand eleven you had uh iran sharon in third and fourth you at a bang don't pray uh pitching staff and the way a collapse from two thousand twelve with which such outstanding player concluding on the bank i found paid to be very underachieving disappointing fair enough fair enough although they didn't fire then they fired him after a over a they were the key way all thoughtful and would have we know the more we think we know of the less we do and an end to this year rewards eight games that maybe they should have fired him in 2010 after the jb were 2011 he didn't always said they you know aging before you're very eyes as a number of other factors the road that go into a but no you make a good point near and dear a your comments respect that it on the record but they fired up after ten years as a winning record right now wants to the big is fan of germany yankee fan but of a baseball fan and i wanna be fair and i like that tweak i loved the dynamic between the mets and the yankees yankees than the mets only in new york where baseball is so passionate by with both fan base but the bottom line they fired him this year they got rid of a measure after the winning is the.

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