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In august nineteen seventy-three a young jamaican more new yorker known as dj. Cool heard through a party in the south bronx with a pair of turntables improvising technique that isolated and repeated musical breaks and repeated musical bricks that technique would lay the foundation for genre known as hip hop hip hop music emerged from house parties in the bronx and spread like wildfire between friends and neighbors a-block parties. The new sound was electrified in the school yard during recess. Someone would have a boombox and then someone would start rhyming. He didn't have recorded versions of hip hop at that time. Within a few years it'd become an underground cultural movement and its distribution was homemade. You couldn't purchase albums or records and you couldn't hear hip hop on the radio. The only way that you could participate in the culture musically west through these cassette tapes which would circulate all throughout the city as its influence and broaden the music spread from the underground onto the radio in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine. A group from suburban new jersey released rapper's delight one of the first hip hop wreck. Now what do you hear is not a test. Don lemon and the friends are gonna try to mischief. and the sugarhill gang. it was just the beginning cpap evolved. It became a passion shared by millions of young americans who use it to articulate their identity in their politics creating a vibrant multicultural community across the country cloud generation of young people. We had to find new ways to communicate. You know just getting on records and speaking about the truth. It's lyrics reflected the social and economic conditions of the inner cities as seen through the eyes of the people who lived there sought me. 'cause oh close to the try not to lose my head so i wonder how you going to think it was team. Said he knows the cnn of the black community actually reporting on all of these things that we've experienced in poetry form and musical form in twenty seventeen hip hop surpassed rock america's number one stream genre for the first time ever decades after its birth hip hop is grown from its underground origins in the bronx to become one of the most popular genres of music throughout the world..

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