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Company companies warning them not to raise prices during the emergency. It is against the law to price gouge during a state of emergency. In a statement. Uber defended its practice of what it calls surge pricing. That's when it raises fares based on demand and the number of drivers on the road. Overcharge drivers will reportedly get refunds on Monday. The nation marks Martin Luther King junior day yesterday. Twenty Texas elementary school students honored Dr Martin Luther King junior by making it to the final rounds of the oratory competitions in Dallas and Houston the question for finalists in the competition. What would Dr king say to the children of today's world first place winner Nyla Johnson. Greater Nile Johnson from Lockhart elementary school winning first place for Houston in the annual oratory school competition honoring Martin Luther King junior. Children. We have not fulfilled the dream. We cannot lose hope reciting Dr king's speeches to demonstrate how his words to present day. Still have a J Dallas's. First place went to Jazirah king a fourth grade student from William Brown Miller elementary school. A new generation honoring Dr king's legacy Andrine, Michelle Franzen, ABC news. Thank you. A doberma- high school teacher who led a class singing jingle about the Ku Klux Klan is expected to return to teaching next fall after studying race, bias and privilege. The school superintendent says teacher John Carver will remain on paid administrative leave for the rest of this school year. The superintendent says students in carvers class expressed racial insensitivity while giving an oral presentation as part of an assignment he says that the incident has had a profound impact on the Dover community and those who were involved it's five fifty to attribute for a beloved marine at Arlington National Cemetery. It will not you will learn by the numbers, I will think you marine staff sergeant turned actor Ronald Li army who died last April at age seventy four was interred with full military honors at Arlington Friday..

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