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Of PAC man. It's the fortieth anniversary of Pacman. My that old? Can you believe that the last forty years pacman has been marketed? Repackage remade and sold back to us. Even more than the attitude era happy fortieth birthday se to Pacman. Isn't that insane at is completely nuts. Maybe tomorrow could be all about pacman. If not for the fact the double or nothing is taking place tomorrow and we have nine matches scheduled for the show. Although I guess we'll find out about one of those matches as there is some concern over bread. Baker I've got no update today at an. Mri will find out what we can. Find out here in the next few hours but scheduled to face Chris Stat Leonard. Tomorrow as well as Jon Moxley Rhody AF jungle boy cody lance archer for the eighty w TNT title with Mike Tyson handing the bill to the winner. We have got to the casino ladder. Match chip will be hanging from the roof. Darby L. Orange Cassidy. Rae Phoenix Scorpio. Sky Keeps Sapien Frankie. Very Lucia and in one more name to be announced. Melrose a car sheet up private party versus a best friends to determine number one contenders that'll be a pre show match elites versus the inner circle in a stadium stampede match. Dustin Rhodes versus Shawn Spears. That is your lineup for tomorrow's show and in fact myself and Vinnie and filthy. Tom Lower. We'll be up immediately after that show goes off the air. Our live post show will be airing for subscribers. You must be a subscriber to twitch twitch dot TV slash four video. We'll be going live right after the show tomorrow. It's a perk for twitch subscribers. Back in a moment to kick off this show wrestling observer life and twenty eight. I struggled with opiate and Meth addiction for twelve years. I didn't said things that the sober me never would have done. When I realized I was not invincible was not exempt. And that's when a friend told me about elite replacement. They gave me the tools I needed to get sober. And all it took was the one phone call elite..

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