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You think that the the women would stop to get a hotdog or no? You never know might as well be long lines waiting. I don't know why had to go there. But they're so so, yeah, I can't imagine going into the officers and saying you shouldn't hire anymore. The ratings are great. I'm doing a kick ass job you're making money, and everybody's happy. Go ahead and get rid of me. Now put somebody else in. And that's what my perspective was. I mean that kinda makes sense of you be logical doesn't it? Guys doing a good job. The gals doing a good job leave them there. Yeah. But when it comes to what's happening in congress, a tiny little segment of the population and making a segment, my hands represented district a house district, or my here's could represent a state. I don't know why I'm doing that with my hands. But that one place that one small area of geography guests to decide that needs to close. It can be there for thirty years or forty years, however, long it's been have you looked it up is at eighty years might be eighty years Pelosi. I haven't I don't think it's eighty. It might be you know. Do you think I do? Yeah. All right. Well, she might elected when she was like five who knows? But at the end of the day. Well. Seventy years. So what I did was stage issues. Okay. So they've been there forever. They've lost touch with reality. They're not in touch with their community. Unfortunately, voters are voting for the incumbent not thinking, and and you're going to have the same old ba- Lassus, congress that you've always had Oregon, get younger more vibrant, more directed. More constitutional senators like Ted Cruz or representatives like Jim Jordan and stuff like that. I like what Ted saying don't let them become stagnant. And become the swamp. Monsters force them back into the community force them to work for the new for the next term the next two years of the next six years. And then when they're done get out of the way for somebody else. To me. It makes sense. Let me go to the phone lines. And see if you agree with that. Let me say Hello to Josh and Lansing. Hi. Josh. Hey, how's it going, man? Thank you so much for your intelligent, insight and Thomas. Wow, you really do listen closely. If you thought all that about it. Thank you. Twenty five years total term career, right? My idea for federally elected or appointed individuals that way, there's no going back and forth. It be three terms. How about you in the Senate three in the house? Let's just go. I don't want anybody looking fifty years for the federal government any level elected or appointed. I mean, you're giving them a long time. Twenty five years is a long time with ten is suggesting for the houses six, and what are you suggesting for the Senate is twelve twenty five years, you could get reelected twelve times in the house of representatives. Yes. Right there. But I would anticipate as soon as. Turn limits would be an actor that the standard practice would be three times in the house. And then you'd go right for the Senate you two terms in the Senate. Now, you're there for five straight terms. And when you're out of that, I also anticipate that those people would be lobbying for appointed positions. Yeah. Just say twenty five year career, I get where you're coming from. In other words, you're saying that they would serve in the house for the three terms, and then they would serve in the Senate for two terms, and then they're gone, and that's actually still less than twenty five years. But I get where you're laying down. Because I'm really worried about the way government goes and how they always constantly lobby like with. Cruiser saying people aren't really. Or the will because they're in. They're constantly reelection mode. You're right. Right. And if they come in they can get reelected. The people, and that's a big issue with the middle America. Like me. I'm in Michigan. I mean, I don't I don't know if you said that I did. Yeah. It's okay. Okay. Josh, listen, I think it's a good idea. I still think twenty-five years is too long twenty years in the house and the Senate I'd leave. It's too long. We'll say what was that? All of a sudden all I don't know full full live together all done. Yeah. That's very strange. Yeah. Call us back. If you got hung up on the guy who administers to our Callscreener just of that fixed that I asked him to make. He's got no one. We're on the air though. You can't just hang up on everybody. If you're on the line callback will definitely will definitely talk to you. We've presented this story. Little while ago about the seven year old in Houston who was killed tragically drive-by shooting. The allegation was it was a white guy in a wearing a hoodie in a red truck. And because of that Shaun king the white guy pretended to be black racist in New York. Actually, put up a Dante. And I appreciate that. He put up the reward because the reward actually got the tip that ended up catching the bad guy, the alleged bad guy who is black all of this about how it was racially motivated all of this about how it was a hate crime. All of this about how it was horrific. It turns out they were just wrong and the uprising the community in Houston. That's hearing my voice right now. Was led astray, and I'm so tired of activists leading communities astray. I think black people are extremely smart. I think that they absolutely have love for their communities love for their neighbors. But unfortunately, too often. They listen to the person with the loudest megaphones and that happens in every community. But in this case, specifically, you'll see black lives matter will show up with a megaphone. And suddenly we have to listen to them. Black lives matter doesn't care about you. Black lives matters and anti anarchist group that is looking to defunding, please and disarm the police and they ignore the killings in south central nor the killings in the north side of Chicago. And the only focus on on where people die in neighborhoods that they know we'll get more coverage because then they could possibly build their group even bigger it doesn't care about black lives. And I would urge you deal with AJ shed last hour, and I'm gonna say it again, I said it a million times and even Obama said it, but then he went and did it anyway Jose, I don't know anything about this case, I'm not gonna make any judgments on all the information. But the police acted stupidly. What he did it all the time you pretended. He's gonna wait till the information came in. Then didn't same thing with Michael Brown. Michael Brown causes own death because of taking drugs and doing a strong robbery and attempting to. To fight a cop in the police officers on vehicle that's why he's dead today. And when the information came out colder showed that that's why Michael Brown died that day in Ferguson, Obama said two or three numbers of his administration to his funeral. And he took the side of Michael Brown and his family. So we don't know what happened yet. But. Italy's big investigators from the department of Justice, I want everybody take a breath. No matter what your races. I wanna everybody take a breath in the city of Houston every ticket breath when something horrible and tragic happens. And let's wait for the information. Next time before we start hitting each other. Maybe we can do that and Shaun king. Carrie, correct me if I'm wrong inadvertently inadvertently helped to catch a bad guy. I don't believe he would have helped had we known the suspect was black. I have not heard cases and carry maybe you have I have not heard cases were Shaun king is laying money in the line because a young black person was killed by another black person. I haven't heard that either he injected himself for a reason because the guy has an agenda, thankfully, and I think him for this his offering a sizable award a reward helped to catch the alleged bad guy. I don't know that he would have been involved. Had he known that the alleged shooter was black eight eight nine. Four one patch editor eight nine four one seven two four seven joepags dot com. Writer..

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