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Russia's and whilst keep an eye on that um you know the sara murray oh yeah go ahead with you on all that now and i i was going to say it should probably get noted too you know mark had ridden at in a newsletter for the new york times where it's it's kinda similar wen uh we have a uh a story called jumping to conclusions where essentially is it's like informed analysis but you are speculating about possibilities uh you know this is one of those to me that i think mark is probably ahead of it like you said it's not going to happen before the deadline um it's almost in the same vein of assad an interesting column recently from tim cal academy from the athletic where he was really dive any uh into the idea that the warriors eventually were gonna chase down anthony davis and inspired that's that's not a thing that that we're going to see in the next six months but i think what it alumina eight is that fans media all of us who enjoy the game we sometimes don't truly understand like the the depth of the planning the goes on at these different organizations coast to us this might feel like a little bit of a this lillard mccollum thing feels like it's an ahead of the curve the like it's too soon for this no like this stuff is getting talked about internally all the time all the stuff that you think is untouchable all the stuff that you think they're not you know they're not there yet like they are there breaking stuff down to three years in advance so uh i think that's kind of worth noting yeah i'm glad you mentioned i i didn't realize that it was kind of framed that way so uh jeff way depth when worth noting on you know sacramento better than i think anyone uh you know you report a time stuff on the king's now they've been mentioned in the rumors quite a bit with george hill zach randolph vince carter judo's guys get traded and if they don't care moved are we looking at possible buyouts for those veterans uh the media george hills tough to buy out you're talking about still a a lot of cash and i don't think.

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