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I'm gonna I was gonna say none of them like our tation if Suming that the pitching like this right now, you know, there with Paxton healthy five good starters, plus Severino. Montgomery still lasagna and was on you. Right. I don't really consider. He's not someone I trust reluctant still guy. You could start though in random guy. Yeah. But he I would take those guys over him if if John was fifth starter then. Yeah, I'd be look which he is right now. But if we have started for an extended period of time right now, definitely working for a starter like one of those guys listed. But now, I don't think they should be looking for a start line. They're like we said, they're they're going to have so many guys come back. It's going to be like those other deadline, acquisitions, I don't think tank will be that active at the trade deadline unless they are still this hurt. What whatever does done for the year. And you know, these guys are healthy. Yeah. Then maybe, but I don't wanna give up because none of those guys are, you know, ace level. I mean, Madison Bumgarner not even anymore is necessarily frontline guys. So I wanna be going crazy with what the pack them. Offering is Sanchez interesting. He does have injuries in his history. Stroman just the big game pitcher. I do like that. Why this Aaron Boone definitively says Mike talk when will not be the casualty for Clint. Frazier. Yeah. So who is? Pitcher other raid, maybe could be a pitcher..

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