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The vindictive teen continue to set more structures ablaze until she was finally apprehended and then confess the arson. She liked literally. Like was a pyromaniac. There is one one night. I knew father consumed a larger. Fuck a large amount of alcohol. And then he beat his infant. Oh my god. It's black five. Say drunk i. There's a baby there. it looks like punching bag. That thing couldn't even fuck it. Hit me try her slapping you hit me come out and you wanna fucking you all ages in this post job then tried to strangle his wife when she had just beaten the share this baby and then she tries to intervene like to drink. That is not a city our oh my god. I don't care how close you are you. Try to fucking punch. That is mind you will get like instantly. I will find chicken wire out of nowhere. Do hillbilly uppercuts. Y'all know y'all mother. Fucker will die two feet away from where you're doing that i'll stare by baby and be like i remember when this hurt you so fucking took care of it. The incident several others believe that had been fueled by alcohol in these ten. Because of this a town meeting was held and the temperance society strive to their fourth protect women from degradation and indecency like we've got to protect women from all these these alcoholic men beating them. Yeah that that's where women shelters came from. Yeah that's actually a really good thing too because like holy fuck dude. People got away with that shift for a long time a long time because they were scared to quit quite fun fact my cousins in jail right now because he beat nonstop actually fucking funny fucking beat the shit out of my ex girlfriend because he started dating her. Wow yeah he's like he's ten years older than me. I think it'd be dropping names name. I'm not doing her. yeah he'd beat the fuck it of her. Yes she he's been in jail for fuck. It's gotta be five years now. That's crazy and nelson like it was like holy shit. They've found all the regular just regular everyday is like a you either got a belt or something like something's wrong with him. Maybe got beat by somebody else. Did my my whole family's fucked yeah. We can quite clearly see that when we hear you talking dude. I'm super normal concern. Like i'm the guy looks at the rest of them going. You guys are fucking off the rail. So here's the disclaimer. Nobody beat your girlfriends or wives unless they don't put away the dishes properly. Then you have the 'cause here girlfriend or wife. I will come to your fucking house. Chickenwire your fucking neck. You say that. That's the biggest pussy. Move to like the the whole idea of it. I want to be strong. I'm going to feel powerful. Why don't you go fuck and fight someone your own fucking size and see if you can beat them stern even pick on a small man and you're like no he might. He might come back with that rather than every see. Now get older like if i need to throw down i fucking will put. It's it's there's a few times all you need is a good fucking punch in the understa to violence doesn't solve shit. And as i get older i realized that's just like it doesn't do anything. You just feel tough for a little bit. And it's just like the last time in branford. They're actually before. I moved to new brunswick were staring out and we could see across the street. Their past the wendy's you're talking about anyway. There's that little sidewalk there and i saw. We could see from the boston pizza window that this guy was just verbally fucking abusing. His girlfriend does air like right in her face. Me and like as bad tang and the one tiny girl manager that has a big mouth wanted the come along fuck this as soon as i saw. I thought that guy and i started walking. Everyone else is just staring out of the fucking window. Retards make you want to talk to your girlfriend like that. He's not he's he's like we're fine. We're fine we're just having argument and i'm like okay and like i look at her. Are you okay. And she's like yeah. I'm like he's like she's okay. I'm like i wasn't fucking talking to you like are you okay. Sagana my ira ready to fucking go. Yeah and and it is like is like it's it's like it never does really shit at the end. The fucking day obviously doesn't like that. That's a perfect example right there. That's all. I met by an acceptable reason to kick. Someone's fucking teeth off the curb but also you that like now like my dad jokes about like a bunch punch brothers like six brothers and one sister and he talks about these two kids up at the same time because he had like made fun of his brother or some shit and he's like went back then you just kind of fought and you proved yourself a little bit or you kick their ass and then that was it nowadays. I have that exact same story but the person that kicked up to people at the same time was my mother defending her brother. My mom's a champion is office. I ve been saying for years like ten years ago like with zero training. She could've went toe to toe with rhonda rousey and i would have been. It's fucking coins. He's gonna win. Fighting tactics of those are her stupid little tricks. She finds ways she's able to grab your hand like so swiftly knowing and dig so your first knuckle and the end of your finger and she'll compress it so the middle of your knuckle feels like it's going to snap in half and she can do it so fast so like no matter. How fucking big. No matter how tough you are if this little old lady gets her hands in that position. Your fucking droppings needs. There's no way out of it so just now. Police are always involved. Even if like if you if you lou say if you win then the person you beat up most times especially if they're younger is gonna call assault charge. You saw me or generate. New generation is such a bunch of flaky fuckers. Somebody just needs to fuck and take you take your looking. You look back and you're like why did that happen. Is that guy. Just deuce beg if he is then you fucking stand back and you try to keep winning. And if you're like our. I deserved take your fucking size line. Where he's if you fight me and you beat me. You're going to fight me every time you see me.

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