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It feels good. Because like that's one of the things I motivates me is like some people like it's money the fame like mine was the respect. I wanted to the best people to think that I was good too. You know? It's the most important. That's what I'm saying. Like, that's why I don't give a fuck that. I'm not rich or that. I'm not famous or whatever 'cause I'm never going to not do this. And I'm never going to not try and be good at it. So it doesn't it doesn't matter. I don't give a shit people who wanna be rich and famous and come on him fail. Of course, have you seen this get those for the wrong reason? Instead a loving what the fuck that doing and let the money come later. The most important thing about an artist you releasing what the fuck you wanna do. You don't want man, I'm sick and dying funeral Bala. I wanna make shoes. What actually that we were recording at a funeral parlor because you're right next door to one. And I was like. I see this hers pullout knows like is that where we're this. We're talking. Everybody stick now. So what 'cause I told you when when you came in and I just finished a year. What was your process like for trying to get people to bring you on the road? Because I mean you've been doing it for a while I grew up in a different time. Like, I'm old enough in comedy. I grew up in that wasn't a thing. You had to just do it yourself. I knew guys that worked the road for sure that was a horrific west. Because you at a year not looking for anybody that bring you on. Same level should be getting ready. Get on buses and do feature work all around taxes. Kidding? No. They don't know. Don't go out feature. You have to go up enough for two or three years and banging out. Okay. Buying you. Go and get feature gigs separate of the headliner. You're just going. You can just go. Ask them feature work. Okay. See, I don't that's. Love you have to go to clubs. I'm not ready reading club with me. And I take you you have to build a relationship. It's not. That's why I always say you tip shut your fucking mouth. Don't ask for t-. You know, nobody's asked on grab. No this things you gotta do to protocol. How do I know 'cause I did him and I failed it something clubs. Waitstaff? That's the number one world. Those days. I wasn't the drugs so drugs. How is taking the kitchen staff a lot are what might right after the longest yard came out. At that time. I would sell ninety tickets seventy eight tickets. I had a gig on tarot on Wednesday and Thursday ilet me, headlined, two shows they're paying good money. Finally, the problem Dirac who I love I've always loved it. Give me Tana work over the is. And he gave me hotel room..

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