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Hey this is Jordan Davis my new single fluorescent parking lot stay with his wife put into a song one forty three please go open for service this the radio you seven ten but you know it's never too early to start thinking about one right the ninety eight yeah we can get you into one of the winter that's happening on the eighth of February over at the Hilton downtown your shot to be there right now with decent take it's alright I sent a word wind W. I. and he said it would wind two six four eight nine five right now for your shot to be there a confirmation text we set center message and data rates apply tonight on C. W. fifty eight Gotham's most twisted mind is finally under lock and key I have a lot of requests unless you're willing to admit to murder I'm not interested in your comfort but if Alice is behind bars how did you get in here she missing I think my wish came true is the return of the sister she lost some kind of miracle hi everyone with a second chance and here you are you just feel like the best friend I've credible dream that's just something that you she's been kidnapped how long it would be when you run the risk that thing off hello from the basic tonight on the CW that's all.

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