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Also allow me to mention another easy one. If you use good task. The reminder sky isn't that we covered a while back up stories, right? You know, the good task offers a collection of Syria shortcuts to view any list of the app, whether it's reminders list or smart list that you created. You can view the contents of least in theory, but also this means you can view the list from other places in ice twelve, voting search and shortcuts. So of course, I made a shortcut launcher that often the shortcuts app and shows me different good task, intense different good task shortcuts visually. So for example, in the widget tap on, it's called good task views. There's a listed says today, upcoming podcasts and family. If I tap on coming launches, the shortcuts and. Loads up a native good task shortcut, showing my upcoming list of for tasks that are due in the next three days and you can do this. You can follow these approach with any yours, twelve app that offers a native visual shortcuts intent. You can show these intense in the shortcuts up. Unfortunately, you cannot display them in the widget. That's why my shirk at needs to open the shirk atop and then continue their in the future. I hope that apple makes it possible for shortcuts to show you custom you is inside the widget, but for now you will need to launch the Shoka tap. That is very interesting. You know, with your backup ones. That reminds me of one thing that I want so badly for shortcuts, which is firing off shortcuts based on the time of day timers that that actually let you automate the process of running them as opposed to having to go in and run them yourself that geofencing, too. But you know, that's a whole. You can. Kind of fake that a little bit with like launch center pro and apps like that, but but that would be kinda cool to be able to drive up your house. The lights come on and music starts playing and the heat turns up or something like that would be pretty neat. Yeah, but you can't do that yet. All right. The last one I'm going to mention today is my morning routine, and everybody I think has some sort of morning teens shortcut at this point and you have you published as part of your twelve review. And that was in part a starting place for my own. And it's really just a conglomeration of other shortcuts that I've got on my system. And so I, I threw that electricity price one in there because why not? It's the beginning of the day, and I can see if it's if electricity is really cheap. Maybe I should go throw the laundry and and I added whether both both from carrot to get broader weather data and by local NetApp moa, whether I have, I have events which looks at the cow. Allender and sees what I've got coming up that day in that one's that part of it is based on on your morning routine shortcut. And then I've got the headlines which, again is also based on years, which goes out and and it reads like, I think I've got mindset for like the five most recent headlines from nine to five MAC, just to see if there was any overnight news and the apple world. And then Finally, I have it show me my any reminders that are due on that particular day, which I don't use reminders a lot yet, but I do use it for things that I have to do at a particular time if I need. I wanna be reminded at a particular time during the day to do a thing. I'll put it in reminders a lot of time, and it's nice to be able to kinda seal this of all those at the beginning of the day. All right, final one from me. Let's see. I'm going through my list and this is an obvious one, but I think if is a real problem filed download her. So. So. You can download files on.

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