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We're talking about I think yesterday or the day before the long home run that Glenallen hill hit and people are still commenting about that and I got an email from Leslie hi Bob Glenallen hill was on the mark key network when they showed the replay the ball didn't go just far but high to it landed on the roof of a four flat on the far side of Waveland at building was noticeably higher than the other buildings in the area either way it was spectacular you know we had a we had a sports guy here each Persico by it by the name a caplet you may remember yes I do and sick cab goes out with one of our producers they took a tape measure out to Wrigley Field and if actually try I do remember how this all came it came about but they actually take a tape measure out there try to measure the things and you know you hear about tape measure home runs yeah that one was like about six hundred feet was yeah yeah if you say so yeah we're talking about that blast and king then used to hit some bombs out there and then the the Ernie banks five hundred home run that we talked about the other day because mate twelve nineteen seventy that's one and that's why he hit that was just a line drive kind of made the second row of the left left center field bleachers came and hit the one that bounced up Kenmore Avenue right like slanted on somebody's front porch right yeah until do you want to hear that we wanna hear Jack Brickhouse again of course for Marnie's no I got the TV call if they're gone all you gotta Glenallen hill really okay yeah literate go like the.

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