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I don't get it because I don't understand how this rotation is supposed to work. The Lakers are gonna be number one in rebounds. I'll tell you that we better be the most rebounding, but I think with relying on got Rhonda with Rondo and Lonzo in the back where you got fourteen rebounds, Josh, Robert just had multiple double digits. They've the best rebounding guards in the in the NBA by far just adding length. But in terms of shooters I still think the shooting is gonna come from the young guys, the shooting v. i. Josh mar, Josh heart. That's what it is. Then these other guys aren't playing very much. Yeah. I mean, how much does Michael Beasley play? How much does see the guy before today. When there was even another. Again, you can play Beasley. I think it's safe to say the fee era is not going to start, but maybe not because if you need, if you really do need pure shootings, still probably the best pure shooter on team. And you know the return of the machine I think is probably means the wall bangs. Not gonna dress much. I don't think so. I probably won't see a lot of zoo bots. No, you know, Alex Caruso played a lot of minutes on a two way contract up in the big club is here that's. Two way contract. I wonder what will Wagner be on a two way. They won't be two ways. They'll just spend a lot of time daily. Okay. But like I just I, you know, Beasley can play the four. So that's a different deal. But you already have LeBron there in coups now I just I don't quite understand where the minutes are going to be for a lot of these one year guys particularly saying, I think Stevenson's gonna get squeezed by the end of the year you do? I do. I don't think he's gonna play as much by the MDC wilted beginning, but I don't because I think if heart really is what he showed in Vegas is a guy who's not just a role player, but maybe he's gotta be floral. He is you don't sit him to give players great defender, right. And you want Brandon Ingram on the missiles. You want these, you know, I want you want coups on the floor. Yeah. When I see Josh hard, I think about a young souped up Derek Fisher has to play. You're gonna play Rondo in your try at least to figure out ways to play Rondo and Lonzo to get see. I think ACP is going to get squeezed. He might how he's great defender, though, will not great, but he is a good defend. He's a good defender jumper shooting, and he's issued plus the same ages LeBron James, The the good. good. That's huge. There's is not working out. You can cut him Beazley's not working out. You can cut him one year guys one year? Yes. It's almost like panning for gold. Trying to figure out which of these guys you envision being part of the future. But like there are guys who are around who are fairly normal, human beings, James Ennis fairly normal human anybody. That's the third is pretty normal. Discussing not Accenture enough. Who's, oh, Michael Beasley. I think tomorrow for offered is still out there. Yeah, I really thought this last you can't. Oh, yeah, that's true. They're loaded eighty. Just tweeted this out late. Is the NBA about to film their own version of hard knocks? Like maybe that's what it is. They just went cameras to follow the team around. No, no, we're all going to watch it. Yeah, I think Luke has got one of the toughest jobs. There is getting these pieces figured out, which includes somebody who's going to have some say in LeBron some say is Luke LeBron's second-best coach he's ever had. Is up there aren't you guys day? I think sponsors one championship spotting sponsors number one. But when I look at the guys that LeBron's play for thing, Luke is the second best coach he's had, but I but the other thing about Beasley to is he's gotten much more efficient over the last few. The last two or three years. He's been over fifty percent. He he wasn't really starting. It's kind of a six man off the bench last year, right renaissance waiver wire for sure..

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