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So to win that that ladies first of the day. I of the day the lassie. Trump better. Just can't can't have a weekend without trump better winning a steak. Miss Nondescript. Barack farm home bred by Moslem. have food pig mayor. She's phenomenal. Trevor aboard here the turf sprint Phya the very impressive was like one nine. Yeah One, two, nine, the free agent fire gelding. Bred by an Maryland but owned by Robert massie yellow and Bobby Bass Yellow. Really. We talked about this About fire over the summer. Nice Nice gelding and won easily again trevor. McCarthy aboard. and. Kenny had a notion. Here's another great notion. Bred by Mrs Richards Actually the bridge in. Virginia Kenny had a notion wins the nursery and was seventy one got nice pricier. With cerise for Dell Capuano Neil Glacier and Lou Omen. Tone. Hello Beautiful. The lovely Brittany Russell Philly. By Golden, lad wins the the distaff. With Sheldon This is. Magic and for Seto. Mark Parkinson and host of Magic Cities Involved K Mak, stable third host of ownership the turf pretty good year fifteen to one here was Sheldon Russell. The other another great notion. This one for Kelly. Wrigley leadoff stable was actually bred by STORED GRANT I L STONE Four year old pretty good year came from downtown thirty, two dollars. Here's the other great notion another one cairns notion. Wins. The sprint sixteen to one. With Ortiz for Nancy Hall and she bread owns an trains does Nancy. and. The three year old. gelding. wire-to-wire. Under Ortiz and then finally in the classic. Monday morning qb. Monday morning qb four butchery read cats king elsie racing. This is the. Imagining. three-year-old. seventy-one be Harper's I ride so. that that talk about Harper's I ride maybe heading toward. Toward Breeders, Cup that.

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