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Take you to the piff this. One of his is having rubbish day. I! Am I think I might have? Maybe I got the answering the interview wrong, but I think Tom, Holland, like the guy who plays Spiderman. Started doing like a online pub quiz thing. It might be like a charity fundraiser, something or Because the way he said it Kinda sounded like it was a public thing, but I mean. Maybe it was just him and his buddies I can't remember. Yeah because mean you figure. There's got to be a few ways. People bringing the pub to home. Online to resume or something. I mean there's lots of people do in creative stuff around the world these days. kind of make things feel at least a little like they used to. Definitely yes, show yeah. I Yeah, we've been talking in some results online and yeah, watching other people's stories and yet various celebrities. Doing the daily. You talks and stuff like so the so much online as well that helps. If we didn't have that identify would be like. You'd think it'd be more like reading books and. Maybe stuff like that, which is still waiting? Good I've got heaps of books acted to read, and you know this just things that you can do as be Nas to slow down. We were GONNA do a trip to Germany. To In in about a week's time, we trip to Germany plan, so you know we. Had Council, that said. It just like yeah, we're looking forward to traveling again and. As well, so just. Yes, things been Holson. Also when when it does like when at least this version or season of the pandemic or maybe the pandemic totally ends. How how do you think your new normal going to be different than it was before like? Is there anything? That may is going. Carry over from what you're doing now that. You've actually been like you know what this is a good habit to have wick. Keep doing. Kim. I'd like to say Checking on friends haven't spent two for a while. Asking people how I'm all you know. Maybe cycling more using the Carlos. That would be something I'd like to take away from it, because said. In a heavy things about. Nature in the clear. Waters Clara. Anna Rainy Ama- I'M Fan Of. That We need that clean in clean us. I do think that. Making less of a competent footprint is something I. WanNa take forward after this show. Yeah Yeah how about you? From your perspective. Would you take things yourself into the next?.

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