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For the nationals home opener this afternoon. Keep it here for full details on these stories in the minutes ahead. It's 5 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Jack Taylor. Still have our slowdowns to deal with in Virginia, two issues. We'll start with the first on 66 headed in the eastbound direction. As you ride out toward not least treat deaths were unfortunately we have a tractor trailer crash and another vehicle, a couple of heavy duty records are on scene single file left gets by as you ride past exit 62 the slowdown, not quite back to one 23. The express lanes are fine, but again, mainly only gets by single file left after not least tree. 95 northbound, we're a little crowded Dale City coming into woodbridge, then the big delay begins in lorton. If you're riding towards Springfield, that is where you're gonna find the rack up near X one 69, still blocking the far right lane. Three to the left gets you by. If you need to exit on 6 44, just get past all the barrels and flashing lights, then you can shoot back over to the right side. Looking good early on three 95, leaving the beltway north, up toward the 14th street bridge, no troubles yet on the beltway, either loop between Alexandria and mcclain. Couple issues going on in northwest in the district, Connecticut avenue at 18th street we'd have the reported crash overnight utility work had closed cue street between foxhall road and 44th street. Good-looking ride early in Maryland on the beltway, no troubles yet between the beltways, 95 of the Baltimore Washington Parkway, two 70s getting a little heavier, southbound as you head through urbana, then again down in one O 9 at a clarksburg though, you're still good down toward Rockville in the lane divide should find there, nothing in your way. Can you sing at Nick's riverside grill Tuesday karaoke nights, you can sing it your way from 7 to ten. Nicks come for the karaoke, stay for great cocktails, food, and river views. Jack Tay their WTO P traffic. NBC four WTO meteorologist Chad Merrill looks like we're gonna have a pretty nice opening day after this chili start. Oh, it's gonna be absolutely gorgeous John and

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