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The Saint Louis Post dispatch that he regrets it so he said quote. If I knew before it was going to happen like this I would have taken it but I wanted to make sure I had a chance at a contract from my career. If they offer a good offer I would get it. But they didn't do it. I thought the cardinals were going to go offer something early. But they didn't do that after. I rejected the qualifying offer so I got patient and I waited and I talked to my agent a lot of the time we were waiting and then Atlanta was the team that gave me the opportunity for the one year. And a good deal. I had to do that and quote now. I doubt Zona is the first player to regret that you might remember when Kendrick Morales. Did you might remember when Stephen drew did it? And they ended up signing for less money that happens agents. Hey qualifying offers. Don't do it will get you more. They mean we'll get us more. I mean think about Dallas Kaikal. Last year rejected the qualifying offer and got a one year deal with the braves for thirteen mill. Coincidence team got about five million dollars less now. The good news froze Oona. He gets two hundred thousand more. He's playing on a good team and truest park. Yes truest park. Believe it or not. That's the name. It's more hitter friendly than Bush stadium. New Bush and Zuma is no longer eligible for the quiet qualifying offer. Because he's already got once you can only get up once that means. He won't be held back by draft. Pick compensation this winter. I mean Kyko went from free agent persona non grata to a three year contract because he was also not attached to any draft. Pick compensation so. The braves will have an outfield. Those Oona Ronald Kunia and nick. Marcus you can throw in an atom duval and ender. Cra there as well. The cardinals who ranked nineteenth and runs per game with those. Oona are GonNa have to cobble something together. Dexter Fowler Tommy Edmund Harrison. Badir Tyler O'Neal Lane Thomas and think about US remember. He laughed about the fact that the as wanted him to lease the Gladys's in Oakland. Everybody said there's not Oakland he. He was a great play. He had to forty one with twenty nine. Jacks who cares about two forty one. He had twenty nine. Jacks and that to me is the the Big Story. There is that he hit some home. Run so it's not like oh my Gosh how could you? How could you possibly Not Sign me to a big deal. I don't blame the cardinals because he looks exactly like somebody who is trending downward like if you look at those numbers you could make a very good doubt. He'll say it's only gonNA back up baby but you could make a very good case for saying this is the guy who's GonNa hit two twenty nine and hit twenty three home runs. You know not useless but why len and look at all this cash we've We've thrown in. That might be. That might be just a little bit too much. So there's other baseball news and we'll get to that as well on spring training and not next week but Week after that. I'M GONNA I'm in. I'm in a head down there and Taking a few games at New Jojo calm. I was told by the native Americans down there. It's not Jojo calm it so Ho- come and it's not my tribe so I'm gonNA listen to them on how to Pronounce it. I'm total come on..

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