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Including elected officials Michigan U. S. senator Gary Peters talk with double double Jay's bath Fisher about the GM strike and the new legislation that's called the hotel act that focuses on wasteful travel spending earlier I stand with workers yeah yeah in the strike and believes that hopefully it'll it'll come to a quick resolution but the the workers have certainly a sacrifice and on behalf of General Motors so through very difficult financial times in the past the workers to sacrifice the the make sure the General Motors is strong and profitable and now that they are profitable certainly workers so should benefit from that as soon as well and so what what my hope is that this right though will be resolved quickly I think it's encouraging that the sites are at the bargaining table now it today they're back at at once again so they are talking and as they continue to talk thank god we can get to hopefully a quicker resolution are you having any involvement in encouraging talks. but it was certainly yes involving that that people have to talk of strike you the son of a strike is a is a hard thing for both the company and for the workers and it's preferable for everyone to get back to work as quickly as possible the only way that's going to happen is if well there is constructive conversation between two parties on us our last hope that continues to happen it seems as if it's happening now hopefully it'll continue as well right what I meant was are you involved at all in in it talking to either either or both sides a lot of talk to it double sites I have talked to both sides of registered not encouraging talks to continue to work together I'm not I'm not involved in the negotiations in any in any way you are introducing a bill about the hotel act tell me about that. so it will you like Atassi is raking member of. well my security governor affairs where the chief oversight committee for the US Senate and our role in that is to make sure the taxpayer money is being spent appropriately and we are concerned that you're seeing an increased spending at hotels owned by government officials that creates a conflict of interest so certainly and the hotel access that federal money cannot be spent at a hotel owned by a key government officials including president vice president and capital and officials I think it's important that federal money and taxpayer money be spent the way it's supposed to be spent and it should not be spent in a way that looks like you're attempting to curry favor with a president or a cabinet official and we need to make sure that the integrity of taxpayer money is always a calls so what sparked this. what what certainly sparked this is what we see are very consistent stays at hotels owned by president trump more specifically very concerned about an activity we're seeing with the military were the military of the airforce in particular may have been directing up personnel to an airport thank you trump facility in order to house their their personnel okay it's Michigan U. S. senator Gary Peters speaking with newsradio nine fifties bath Fisher WWE news time three fourteen Tigers lose red wings winds sports coming up next Martin Cheryl here with rhino shield ceramic.

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