New Orleans, Williamson Reddick, Lopez discussed on Miller Lite Football Night in Chicago


Will follow the second effort how quickly as he gets back lord will that's what everybody's talked about the second jump and that was a perfect example right there but I think I used to worry about the contact you'll go through the contact he's taking it and then re adjusting the you're stronger than anybody out here my friend go ahead and just go right to the room with it yep no good at sixty fifty three percent P. three issues he is now seventeen of thirty three only got what we wanted been here to start the proceedings one for six from the field second one on the line is in and the pelicans looted thirty four to twenty nine Nicole Melly on the floor now for New Orleans with holiday Williamson Reddick in hard look Lopez's check back in right now for Milwaukee really second quarter handle screen by Jana split so drives try to find another role not the way the Bible a true holiday in the following transition how good is the defense of the truth the group yes well himself an all star with it a couple years ago and here is now seven steals first in the flexion this top fifteen loose balls recovered or talk about getting ready to launch from buying a high quality off the five little stream to the elbow one of the drivel picked up off the floor by corporate near the honest to wait for friends peels off when you left working on holiday here left following the standard with his head hours for the baseline rules not to lose out the blood so repost the on us on that same side the paint the finalized turn full swing right Korver's three off the back of the iron re blood products and what a hustle play.

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