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Yeah she did a few photos for some my articles arkham very she's great work yes we have her on here hopefully we'll get some tips on how to better our our phone photography skills actually she i got the cover of my next police dog book which hopefully will come out yet some time to work on it is is her all awesome yeah yeah she she's really what funny is every person we've had on like like when we had the canine guardians paul they're like oh yes she sued the stuff everyone yeah she's like the goto photographer police military law enforcement so we'll have her own get a bunch of her ideas and tips and lots of questions ask are i'm sure in then this is just newly released pretty excited about this we just booked drew lynch which for those that don't know him he got second place and i don't intend season ten of america's got talent quick back story he had a sports injury where he got a softball to the throat damage some nerves ended up with a stutter ended up wanting to make that something positive started doing stand up comedy dude is fucking hilarious he has service dog named stella a believe it's visha and so many how that's going to be our topic for the show on april twenty seventh were super shirl you haven't go to youtube check them out dog blog is the name of his weekly show that he does on youtube so check.

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