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And I hear I hear the new uniforms like next year are going to shorter even shorter. It's coming. It's gone. It's gone one extreme back. So the short shorts are coming back. I hear I would have hated the longshore. Yeah. Well, you gotta be in shape to wear short shorts. And he's in good shape. Well, and I played you had short short short short. Mark presents skis here season ticket holder. Michelle Walker coach Bryan joy reading your book. And was wondering who would be on your all time to Matha highschool team note, you can't include yourself. Well, I wouldn't be close, you know. You know, you gotta go Dantley James Brown. You know who TV doing ball? Now, Danny ferry probably has to be on there. It gets. It gets really close. After that. You know? I mean, who we put up the ring of honor would be a candidate Bob Whitmore who that was a special weekend this past weekend. And that's why coach Wootton says, I could never pick my all time five 'cause I know I'll disappoint some about twenty five other guys, and I've tried to do same thing here. When people said who's your all time? I don't know. It's too close to make good players. Rosemary skis here. Also a season ticket holder for Michelle Walker. I'm just wondering what the players talked to the officials about when they are inbounding the ball after a timeout. Especially Rex Rex was a guy, and you know, Rex Rex was a guy who chatted everybody everybody. He chatted the other players up. And I think it was a good thing. He's talked to me during games. Yeah. He chatted refs up. And and I think it helps them like I tell our guys officials really like ref in our kids because they're good kids and. You can talk to him. And I tell our guys like part of playing the game part of the strategy that gamesmanship is having a relationship with the officials, and you know, like, you don't wanna show him up or complain like talk to him at dead-balls. They want to get to know your, you know, the same same thing with me my relationship with him throughout a season in throughout forty minutes. Pick your spots if you're gonna complain you gotta tell them when you say that was a great call. You're right. We did walk that time. You know, you gotta you gotta pick your spots with him. So, but I I've always loved I had an official come over in the garden. And he said coach, you know, I was telling the crew before your guys are like this for the most part. They're really steady they're easy to talk to their easy to officiate. And then that's that's part of the that's the game within the game. Well, it's like anything in life to if they know you and the kind of like, you play could go either way, maybe goes your way as opposed to somebody. You don't like there have been coaches, and you know, what I'm talking about. I won't say here at the end of their career. Hall of fame coaches who were so brutal on officials that they were getting teased, six minutes into games. And they weren't getting any calls at all. Because in part. There was a tension there. Yeah. You just can't be distracted by officials and that has to start with me if I'm interacting or being distracted by officials or complaining. My players are going to do the same thing. They look over like, so you've gotta practice. What you preach and be poisoned challenge them every now, and then, and I I don't have many technicals over nineteen years every now, and then you really complain. But for the most part, it's that that doesn't work with these guys like they've been doing it a long time and. You know, it's more communication with them. And and I like the staff we have in the ACC. You know, they do talk to you. They do come over and communicate and some of the really good ones know when to come over to defuse you. They do they come over. They know maybe you have a problem the last couple of minutes, and they'll diffuse you that's the really good officials. Gary rivers here is always for Michelle Walker kudos to you..

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