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Music Collectors magazine since Nineteen, seventy four and you go my man dot com to find out more Charlotte caffey will be energy for this episode she'll talk about their debuted down we got the beat and the new. Documentary about the go-goes simply titled the go go's which will air on showtime in August. There's lots of the story of the go-goes they weren't manufactured in the IRS records. Corporate Warehouse Band were a part of the Los Angeles punk scene for some time their members were big part of the scene for years before the go go's were even officially ban Charlotte along with vocalist Belinda Carlisle Gina schock on drums, Kathy Valentine on Bass Jane wildland on Guitars and former members basis, margot delivery era, and drummer elissa Bella whereas punk as anyone on that scene in La. was only later that the band decided to add more of a pop flavor to their music now had kathy. Valentine on the podcast before promoting her autobiography book, WE'LL Have Charlotte you've heard angle the Gogo Story. But first, let's give a chance to save on records with this Promo. Art has value. That's right. Go to Dekel Entertainment. Dot. COM and save ten percents off at checkout with code gold mine artists like Angel, the vibrators, White Lions. Might. Tran. Andrews Steve Walls and. That's ENTERTAINMENT DOT COM. Past. Charlotte caffey calling. You. Thanks for being on time. On Rock I'm so on time all the time. So what do you think about? The documentary. First of all, I, love it I feel happy with it. I think that. Alison ellwood is amazing storyteller and really whoa the story in a way that shows who the band is not like. Not like the you know. Vh One behind the music it just showed like, oh, they fight and they have you. Know. Who Cares I mean you're in a relationship you know, of course, you're GONNA have a down to specially over forty years. So you know it's I. Loved it. I. Thought it was really really well done and I'm really really happy and excited for people to see it and it also shows are beginning in the punk. Scene that a lot gotta say that is Life favorite part because I was turned onto music specifically your band the is. That I didn't know about before now in on a record collector. I look ton disc to see if there was any is vinyl and there isn't much. There's a seven inch in Something with the dicky's when you guys played live. But YOU'RE GONNA turn onto new sounds. Well it's it's interesting because in documentary Kathleen Hanna Talked about I have no idea like that. She knew like you know don't talk to me. You know that song that was that we was on a single I B I think we were on the. Flip side of a single on what records and and I was really happy and she even started singing a was amazing and I think we've actually in the same t we even more amazing. I was like Oh, my God..

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