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Yeah it's a great interview when we come back we're going to take a quick break but when we come back it is an interview with an american who unfortunately lost his home due to hurricane erma in the virgin islands and keen to israel to seek refuge wbt app what the fatf we'll be right back with more on that can we are back this is the middle east peace podcast this is molly livingstone here in jerusalem it still reigning i'm hoping for a remote but until then check out this interview with the man kenny he lost his home due to hurricane erma horrific hurricane ripped through the virgin islands rip through his house so why is he seeking refuge here in israel with a survivor of terrorism yet listen up you want to find out so i am sitting here with the kenny witmeyer and the reason that were interviewing you i'm interviewing you is because it just sounds weird when i'm about to say you unfortunately lost your home in hurricane erma in the virgin islands and you are now seeking refuge in israel and staying at the home of k wilson a survivor of terrorism so when i say that out loud i feel crazy do you feel crazy uh it's a crazy life i think we all live but when i think about it you know i'm one month ago i'm living in paradise and here i am sitting with you know my best friend in israel in a circa.

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