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Mean what what what's the mindset in terms of you see kit all and you see trent taylor and you know rubens been playing obviously solomon thomas is that there's a younger group coming year canada intermediate group because you you've gotten a job and earn bid and in the future is all ahead of you with with john legend shannon and give us the you know losing all the goals games added stink after awhile now now you start a win games backed about games on the road what's kind of the the entire vibe for the team moving forward he adds it suit it's a really good environment right now the this young team has experienced 'backtoback wound and um you know we've experience all the hard times we've experienced losing those close games overtime games or whatever but you across the board with this team at such a young team um we've got a taste of victory now and so you see at the fence of uh guys be a more dialed in with their jobs uh be in you know more deliberate inpractice uh be more proactive in meetings you know so it's uh it's a it's a different dynamic i guess from the aspect of we were losing gangs close games but now guys are getting the taste of victory they don't wanna lose at taste and so everybody's con uh you know we're still haven't on and enjoy more doing the guys are crank it it up a little bit being more on top of things and uh you know it's it's been great to see the young guys step up the way that they have this year and you get all drawback to you know jimmy garoppolo getting here hearing the net touchdown pass late in the game couple of weeks ago and then the the two victories you guys have had it daniel what what i find to be interesting you really cool about where nine or fans nine or players are right now is that the enthusiasm and the excitement lines up you guys are excited because garoppolo has come in and there's some some competency at quarterback and nine or fans who had been starving for quarterbacks you know how they look at quarterbacks around here if it starving for quarterbacks and you could see the play on.

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