President Trump Says He Did Not Know What Rudy Giuliani Discussed With Ukraine Leader


Well in a new interview the president is suggesting that he didn't know that Rudy Giuliani was apparently working on his behalf in Ukraine despite evidence that proves otherwise the Giuliani said last Saturday he did not think president trump would throw him under the bus in the Ukraine matter in an interview with conservative commentator bill Reilly here's what the president basically said to repeated questions what was for you Giuliani doing in Ukraine on your behalf when you have to use that to Rudy but Rudy I don't I don't even know where he I know he was going to go to Ukraine and I think you cancel the trip but you're ready as other clients other than me but in the July twenty fifth transcript of Mr trump's cold with Ukraine's will America Lynskey the president repeatedly urges him to talk to Giuliani related to investigations of the bidens and Democrats want Costantini

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