Gen Zers bring retro looks back with an app


Yup. I said it are serving looks from the nineties. And they're finding that good vintage stuff on an APP called deep. The depot is kind of like the love child Oetzi an instagram people sell used clothes and sneakers and street wear shoppers create a profile. Answer a a brief questionnaire about their style and start following people who sell what they're looking for and as marketplace tech Alvarado reports deep rolls a whole bunch of trends is into one ninety s fashion influencers buying used up the planet and the side Hustle. Here with more high top sneakers washed-out without t shirts of old rock bands and super tiny glasses. That's what Rebecca machine a twenty six year. Old Graphic designer started selling on her new pop store last year. She's into sourcing. Distinctive looks from the eighties nineties. An even early two thousands anything. That's kind of super branded logo heavy or it just like huge brand. That kind of stuff definitely sells the best scroll through her depot collection. It's all Nike turtlenecks. Ripped and jackets or even Harley Davidson unbutton ups. And as she got more followers on pop she noticed teenagers asking for really specific items. I sell pretty much anything vintage that you can think of so whether that's denim shirts purses accessories pretty much anything that I can find that you know has some nostalgia to it. I'm definitely interested in selling for these young shoppers. Fashion Stout is staked on not so much owning the latest items. It's more about the heart to find conic old ones and that shift might help team theme or trend hopping and quickly tossing away. Habit sir. Robert's as a professor at Ucla an Internet culture expert and not only are

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