MLB to investigate comments made by Houston Astros assistant general manager


Major League baseball is looking into claims about Astros Assistant General Manager Brandon Tomen Major League Baseball Center will interview relevant parties regarding allegations published Monday that's all straight article the SL reports had tall been the astros assistant GM repeatedly yelled toward a group of female reporters during the team's American League pennant celebrate in his remarks reportedly reference Houston closer Roberto Suna who suspended for seventy five games in two thousand eighteen for violating the league's domestic violence policy before joining the Astros in trade from Toronto according to the report in sports illustrated what Tom and yelled over and over again was essentially that he was glad the Astros added a suna an act for which they were criticized heavily last year on Monday night the Astros put out a statement according to the article as quote unquote misleading and quote unquote completely irresponsible but on Tuesday the Astra seemed attempt to walk that back you're putting out statements by twelve men and owner Jim Crane would seem to acknowledge the incident that took place and Thomas Statement indicated quote unquote he apologize to anyone and he may have offended privately major league baseball's were furious about that statement that came out Stephanie Epstein who's The reporter wrote the story for sports illustrated talked about witnessing what tolman had done it was startling I mean none of us were talking to this person none of us we're talking about this person get I we were kind of surprised why why is this guy yelling at us and then once we started listening to what he was saying and seeing kind of the look on his face we realized Oh this is this is an unusual this is an unusual moment a little bit scary I would say and certainly unsettling that interview was on aside the lines Stephanie continued to talk about when this happened and at that point a lot of the players had gone and we're beginning to shower get dressed get ready to to go home with their families some of them were celebrating on the field so there were still players in the clubhouse certainly but it was not the same kind of raucous celebration usually see and generally also it's mostly or entirely players there you don't see that many front office officials is generally left to the players to celebrate so he was in a group Brennan was in a group of people a group of other front office officials I imagine I didn't know all of them and they were sort of chatting casually among themselves until until I guess he spotted US and decided to speak out she talked about the Astros Statement which so infuriated Major League baseball it starts out by confirming my reporting just it says that actually I misunderstood the context well there was no as the Houston Chronicle has has mentioned there was no interview taking place as soon as farther away from you album than we were so that seems like a stretch and he turned to face us that's been it was the other direction so that doesn't make a lot of sense and then it also seems like sort of a miscalculation I guess when and it's a room full of reporters I think it's likely that people are going to speak truthfully about what they witnessed so I'm not I'm not really sure what the plan was surrounding that's Ah I will say that I did not fabricate it in the summer of two thousand eighteen one a sooner became available after serving his suspension every team in baseball passed on him other than the Astros and Stephanie gave context of that decision honestly this is an attitude that I see across a lot of baseball on Sports in general is that when these teams acquire players with reprehensible pass they say listen the bargain is that we're going to get this guy for fifty cents on the dollar but we will pay a price and public outcry and this was the start of a conversation we are prepared to keep having this conversation but they don't actually want to have that conversation they want to get their guy what they paid for them and then they want to sort of move on and have us all focus on the fact that they are very good at winning baseball games and I don't think they get to decide that before game one of the World Series Aj hinch talked about the incident in the clubhouse it's unfortunate it's uncalled for it for me as a leader in this organization down here in the clubhouse on the field take everything that happens in the clubhouse to heart you know no one I don't I don't it doesn't matter if it's a player coach manager any of you members of the media should ever feel like when you come into our clubhouse that you're gonna be uncomfortable or disrespected I think we all need to be better across the award in the industry I understand why it's a question today and I you know I appreciate it but I was disappointed. Aj hinch was asked about how the Astros Organization that handles people. I don't think it's my job to evaluate that I mean I understand the question I appreciate it but the last twenty four hours I've been pretty locked in on the What's and I think answering that question at this moment is probably not fair to me enough fair to the organization I tell you this that majorly Paul would've looked into the todman incident either way but I do think that the statement the Astros put out on Monday night double down not only the whole situation them but I think for Major League Baseball which was absolutely livid over how the Astros seem to target the credibility of the report. are mentioning that report was misleading mentioning that the report was completely irresponsible and it definitely when you see on Tuesday how the Astros tried to walk back the comment until the organization comes forward and acknowledges that their statement was mislead being in completely irresponsible the Front Office of the Astros will have no credibility in this issue and whenever discipline comes down and I do think sums coming down I think more of it's going to be about the statement that the team put out under organization letterhead

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