The Murder of Heather Dawn Church


It took almost two years to find the remains of Heather Church and the crime scene where the remains were found offered offered no clues as to who the perpetrator of this abduction and murder could be the daily sentinel ran an article with the headline girls remains pains found after two year search this from the Associated Press the article labeled Timothy Belbek. The man who found her skull and reported ended his findings as a transient camper and states the death was ruled a homicide and the coroner's report indicates. Heather suffered blunt force trauma trauma to the head. This article has some interesting pieces of information in here as well. It goes on to say heather was last seen wearing white cotton mm pajamas and no shoes she had laid out an outfit for school and her wedding was rumbled as if she was asleep until something Ed awaken her enter Lou Smit who is loose mic captain his detective that likes to climb in and out of windows. NDO is probably best known for his involvement in the Jon Benet Ramsey case. I think he's on the smaller side to captain that might make give him the the extra super ability of climbing in and out of windows you'd think so. I don't think he looks small to me. I didn't either but I read read some story where he decided. When he first became a police officer he needed to balk up because he was like I want to say he was like five have six to maybe five seven but like one hundred and fifty pounds when he first started on the force he got into some situation where he said a A large woman was attempting to drag him across the street and she was having some success and that's when he decided I got to start going to the gym. I got beef up if I'm going to be there. I think that was my mother. Well you know I like to use the term supercop loose-knit. It is certainly a super cop in his career. He worked on more than two hundred murder cases in which a suspect had been arrested and tried for for their crimes he was a detective with the Colorado Springs Police Department. He joined the force way back in nineteen sixty six and worked his way way all the way up to the rank of detective. Liu help to get the arrest and conviction of spree killer Freddie Glenn and his accomplice. This Michael Corbett Glenn was found guilty of murdering three people in Nineteen seventy five at one of them being a Karen grammer. That's correct correct this including the killing of Karen grammer younger sister of actor Kelsey grammer he was also involved in the arrest and conviction Shen of Michael Corbett. This was Freddie Glenn's accomplice so together we have. Glenn who was found guilty of murdering three people nineteen seventy five Glenn Corbett together were responsible for a total of five deaths in and around Colorado Springs back in nineteen seventy five so now I would like to introduce you to another man John Anderson now. I'm not talking about money in the bank in Seminole Wind John Anderson no I'm talking about the John Anderson who I will deem to be another supercop. Anderson was sworn in in January of Nineteen Ninety five have as El Paso County's new sheriff and with him came loose smit Anderson wanted two things one for Lou Smith to take over as captain of detectives in El Paso County and to to solve heather churches case which by this time nineteen ninety-five was looking like it would never be solved in the over three years of the case law enforcement really only developed per the evidence evidence in interviews a few suspects some of the members of Heather's Church at one point turned on one another heather's Sunday schoolteacher teacher and a family friend were questioned extensively as we're heather's parents everyone police in the FBI looked at either had an the iron clad alibi passed a polygraph test or both again this included heather's parents Diane and might definitely a lot of suspicion towards awards the parents. I think when you have a case like this where you have no leads no clues. That's Kinda where the direction that it just naturally takes on yeah now in nineteen ninety five loose-knit took over as captain of detectives and he took over the Heather Church investigation. Lou is pretty old school and he said that regardless of what other people thought that they knew about the case case Mike and Diane Church were not suspects. He said he knew very early on in his investigation that they together nor separate were involved loved in any way after meeting them both and speaking with them separately. Smith believed they were truly victims and far too good of people to do something so terrible is not clear whether or not they took polygraph test and passed or not right the information nation. I have that came from the sheriff's. Department states that they did okay now. Smith also offered up after speaking with the parents he offered up. Some of his expert opinions on the case to the parents have either. He told them he would catch the man that killed her. He said he he believed the perpetrator was an intelligent mail and that his name was already in the case file he also believed unlike the FBI that the motive behind why the PERP entered the church home may not have been sexual. Smith wanted to start his investigation at the very very beginning and reviewing the case he noted the recovery of fingerprints from the Crime Scene Captain Schmidt recognized that although the prince had been forwarded to both the FBI in the CBI he was aware that there were in fact ninety two separate automated fingerprint identification systems or Apis for short so here we are once more capped at the latent fingerprints left on the master bedroom window screen from from inside Heather Churches House. Yet seems like that's the biggest piece of evidence. We have forensics expert. Thomas Carney was is the man who educated smit on the trouble with the fingerprint systems in fact Carney he came from Miami. He worked in law enforcement and and Miami he was the first person to compile a list of the eighth systems in the United States Canada and Mexico and Short North America as said this number as of nineteen ninety five was ninety two of these systems. Carney Arne put together ninety two sets of black and white photographs of the prince that they found on the window screen and this was to be mailed off off to all ninety two automated finger printing identification systems in March of Nineteen ninety-five. They got the call they were waiting on for years so sound the trumpets Captain Burke where we're still working on the trumpets your occur at that was good taking lessons. That was good but I mean we. We need some actual real trumpets. They got a match and fact they got two matches one in California and one in Louisiana so ninety two of these different places they send off these photographs two of them. Call back and say hey we we gotta match for you on those fingerprints that you sent us

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