Billy Bob Thornton Talks Season Three of 'Goliath'


Hello everybody I M Peter Travers this do you must be having a good time I actually am that's why would be Kinda go there everyday and it'd be myself and a lot of ways show runner executive producer and director he directs all the episodes You know I've been on things where they have wonderful directors but all this kind of thing so it's a fight with somebody and you already went through was in on episode six of something and and I I don't I don't do that so you know and the way to something that Randall in tents or you just come from murder scene or whatever it is oh when I'm eating a ham sandwich as I do when I just murdered my uncle I can give you that it's going to be the same thing my best line said I've been drunk since seven thirty this morning this it had a real the deficit that I've got to watch have had a kind everything and do you have do you play a role in that about what it's thing the other actors and seeds about here's here's what the case is this year here's who the people are going to because as you know sure whole new thing is going to go on well the first season you know is more court I mean a lot less court this season there's a not just a lawyer he's always been kind of a detective in a way I mean sir this really sort of what the character is I never ask you this do you take that approach take him home he's just the part of who you are will in terms of where I really feel like the things were happening to me I mean I feel like I am that guy now but one way or the other I with this character like I said let's get to what they get two however they want to I think that sometimes though in my left foot I think he probably had to because uh-huh you tried yeah I've had a couple you and you go to downtown La on Fifth Street where there are the cardboard houses and all this kind of and you spend the night there. I think that that if you haven't been homeless you're never going to to know it because oh how many money I have nobody to call the actor sleeping in the cardboard box collect life and had some hearts good word for now you're on the Hollywood Walk Fain is yours in a good place is John Smith started I'm just making a name up he's at early I got it in two thousand four and I'm right between right in front of the Kodak Theater are in that area so that's what it is and I'm between tonight yeah could you really could be with John Smith. They're not liking Goliath or something that really can't happen but you you've been around out to La in nineteen eighty one in June of nineteen eighty-one ORC. I with my buddy Tom we we left town yeah that was the seventy seven and we stayed ten hours and we had like this nightmarish day here and we just went home into World War Two I said County and which was style time the biggest green and water and we stayed ten hours and then we I've been gone like two and a half weeks and she said I thought time that you were there that turns you off New York will it was just one remember that movie was a Movie Day in New York is everything in the world wind it up I you come into Chinatown Lincoln tunnel right so and by some Italian restaurant but it wasn't like a nice Italian restaurants a red dress who we weren't found a parking spot and we just parked there miracle enough because we wanted when we were seven eight blocks on down the road and just started missile city walk you out and we ended up trying to get a cab back we mm-hmm and and and we said look we we looked at the meter and it was like that's a lot of money we'd better right we'll get you exactly and we finally get another cab and it was I mean really Alireza Guy you know and we obviously have been driving here forever there's a big tall guy and address and all this kind of stuff I think goes oh a happy ending in a way look don't know why you were so turned off the way you described home we you know hung out for a couple of months and then we've it's like we're afraid to go to L. A. so he went to and we lived with my aunt and uncle I from Mexico who Michael Border Patrol Guy and this guy would come air and me and Tom on waterbed and a room that was so tiny and Augustine they're in this thing and Augustine had nightmares almost every night you're into other sort of nightmare vision of how you stayed there working inching eventually I stayed done in Mexico for a while and we snuck into La after it's all a blank page you have no idea what's really going to happen now you have I started that story with your star on the Hollywood all doing it behind your house because that's what happens but this you miss the days when you were coming up or whatever or you complain you're coming up you have your dreams or so alive you had dreams and you have to find a way to keep your some comes indefinite it's exactly and so that's what I try to do written in a while or that move you'll come along that is going to Ebbert is I still think it's out there and if and if you keep thinking that has also been not just is wonderful kind of deadpan humor with you yes it's it's what you WanNa do you had that you still have the the baby box mattress scary and terrifying yeah for me and over sergeant pepper all his records and Jeff passed away about eight months

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