What PS5 Launch Games We Could (and Hope to) See



Right and if it's not most of the current library are you can play why would you want to upgrade unless it's your job to upgrade anyway moving on from his has created another one that I think we'll see across gen ecosystem with black ops five also the reports earlier this year that obviously the cycle wouldn't have a black ops next year but there were reports from Kentucky that essentially issues behind the scenes of call of duty have all is tracked to take over the project this is all alleged not convert by activision and their then putting the priority into making black ops five now black ops as a franchise is is on Google Seo trance-like as big as call of duty like people associate the two brands almost so I think having black ops at the beginning of a generation having blackout it became so much more popular than I think a lot of us were expecting at the launch of regeneration saying that ecosystem will be there for you on launch day makes a lot of sense called duty has been there for a lot of generations with xbox one and ps four I think it was that funny thing ghosts was a launch title and do the comparisons where like in the three sixty version and it's too like laundry machines in a room and then the next Gen version it's like a four all day visual changes in so called is no stranger to straddling the generation line so expect that to happen this do you think I mean I don't Wanna get ahead of you on this list but I'm GonNa Police do you think anything that's going to launch on the playstation five we'll be Christian party maybe but not first party I think anything and it's really hard to say because like I do agree that this generation will be more incremental I think it will be a slower start for a lot of people buying onto this new gen I lot of this stuff has to be because the idea that you'd release a call of duty or as second any of the major sports games on only the next you just can't you lose so much money investors would be so angry the player would be frustrated like it just doesn't make sense to but at the same time people need those familiar experiences on their next Gen but that's that's exactly what my point is of like I I don't think you're right I don't think there's any financial case to be made essentially for anyone to skip ps four in twenty twenty great and you you you would not want to you wouldn't want to be that development that's working on a launch title for like playstation five only except for exclusives and that's the thing even then I think it would be a bit of a Sony all through the money at them yeah I it makes financial senses if it is Sony making it happened whether that's a first party game or them paying very heavily four and exclusive to only come to that system because they're going to need some of that to pull people over like you're saying they need those draws but it's definitely it's it's it's less enticing I think for developers to go from PS four five than it is to go from three to four and that's maybe what you're hinting at implying when when you say incremental it's like people can take that out of context and have it means something more harsh than you think but then the draw is not quite as much there for a lot of people when the PS four is still a wonderful system with a lot of lively games to play out the shift like a you know we look at the game service is sort of like a bad a bad thing but it's also stuff like like remix siege or or fortnight or d Sydney where they're just like yeah we put out put out a new thing in the box every two years but in the space between those things we like continue supporting it and you create a a player ecosystem and you create like I mean it's it's they're basically like little social networks where it's like you have people who come here all the time and they hang out and their friends and this is there this is their activity so like why would you want to throw that out every every time a new thing comes along and like with yeah with with seizures great example too because they've said that they're they're gonNA keep updating game for I think it's like ten years they first announced it they said it's just gonNA live they're not making each to they're just going to keep updating this game and linkages are really good candidate for something like ubisoft coming out and saying hey there's GONNA BE A. PS Five version of siege on launch day can have all these such and such and such improvements graphically obviously because you can't get too much because then you start having a competitive advantage and Yada Yada Yada but I think that's a very good candidate for something like that same with I think games fortnight and everything else like those have to be there if not launch pretty soon after yeah and we're moving on from that one quick one which I think we can all pretty much agree on all the sports games Madame Fiba NHL NBA will probably all be there one from our own Brian Altana who can't be with us because he's at a preview event which we will not speak of at the moment this came from him bloodborne remains third and his reasoning here of it the reason here's weirdly bloodborne is one of the only games like especially exclusive to not get a PS four pro upgrade the patch like it didn't get one in the same way other first party games did that allowed it to play more smoothly on a PS four pro have all the bells and whistles that are pro gives you compared to a launch ps four and it weird he is neglected in that sense even though that game is beloved and it's still talked about all the time and Sony is well aware of the Phantom of it so doing a bloodborne remastered one get you really big name that you know everyone loves give people a reason to pick it up again which is always the big reason when you do a re master and it's probably not as big a lift assay working on blood born to see I was GonNa say I'd love to see blood with the launch time do you think we will know realistically but you know that's different on my wishlist because blood born is one of those games where everyone's just like oh come on please give us a sequel game time like I just I want more I will be with that said I will be extremely satisfied with a with a bloodborne remastered and I would actually get a playstation five just yeah I know that's terrible it's not like sending in money or anything it's just like the idea of what that game will look like on playstation five makes me want to weep right so I'm definitely not the right person for that because I still haven't finished the regular version but if I'm like keeping I wonder what I'll finish that will I have children by then it was very possibly we'll avatar to be out who knows but like I'm sort of chipping away at didn't take my time with it and if they come out and they're like hey we're putting out a new better version I'll be like can I bring my save files like no I don't WanNa fight that horse again Brian's right in so far as like that is a real night Brian it's it wouldn't be I mean I say this with very little understanding of technology you save his dot p. s. five and it's good to go exactly it wouldn't it wouldn't be as massive just the graphics four J. Pig Lodge it wouldn't be as l. left as bloodborne to of course but it would be a really well regarded name I would love to say that as launch title be very interesting I think it makes sense and we'll get into more Sony exclusive stuff now as we go through the last one breathing I want to mention all kinds of sandwich this we know of your will they'll be supported on PS five they're not announcing plans for a PS VR to it looks like right now for launch asking those going to probably come a year or two in but I still think you need to give a reason for people want to play. PS Vietnam ps five and my two guesses would be an obviously they'd be crossed Astro about two and a new PS VR game the first by INSOMNIAC as party for PS VR in has a big history with vr some really great stuff that they've made for other VR headsets aster about is one of if not the most beloved ps VR game those are two really easy wins to say hey they're available to play on ps four but if you play them on ps five they have extra graphics X.

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