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Democratic debate: Elizabeth Warren evades question about tax rises



Dominica I want to ask you about Elizabeth Warren as you heard earlier I was saying that she was their primary target the other Democratic candidates and one big issue that kept coming up again and again is that worn whitten say weather middle class taxes would go up under medicare for all and Pete Buddha judge caught her on it here he is let me be clear on this costs will go up for the wealthy they will go up for big corporations and for middle class families they will go down I will not sign a bill into law that does not lower costs for middle class families Mayor Buddha Judge you say Senator Warren has been quote evasive about how she's going to pay for Medicare for all response or you heard it tonight a yes or no question that didn't get a yes or no answer and lots of the candidates kept hammering her or going back to her on that Dominica what do you think how did this moment resonate we'll look last week was the first time that Elizabeth Warren caught Joe Biden in the average of the national polls and congratulations is what happens when you wind up at the top and the polls you become a front runner and you get a lot of that scrutiny and for people to Judge Amy Klobuchar we should remember they really pinned in Elizabeth Warren on what is her biggest vulnerability and that is whether she's electable that's been the number one issue with Democrats in this a lot of folks were just saying she also did not answer that question your thoughts about she didn't she didn't answer the question but that's the point is that she didn't answer the question and the the problem that what people digits in particular was pointing to is that her policies are too liberal to be elected and she doesn't want cops the fact that that people would have to probably have see their taxes go up because Bernie Sanders did say that that's what would happen aiming on the other hand was saying she's dismissive of other people's ideas and that's interesting thing and we're gonNA see how worn responds to all that that's right and she actually spoke about Warren's wealth tax listen I wanNA give a reality check here to Elizabeth because no one on this stage wants to protect billionaires not even the billionaire wants to protect billionaire we have different approaches your idea is not the only idea so dominica were hearing they're mclovin Shara Pete Buddha judge everybody just kind of puppy piling on but how you think Elizabeth Warren held up you know she's going to have to be at the centre now I mean she did not answer that question about whether people taxes are gonna go up she also didn't really respond to people to Judge when he said that you don't have a plan on this you have a plan on everything else but has basically been using Bernie Sanders as a heat shield to sort of keep the pressure off of her are when it comes to Medicare for all and there's a reason why people to judge kept bringing up Medicare for all who want it as he calls it which is essentially Medicare for all who wanted a medicare for all as a choice instead

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