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Are episode today is with Kelly whose from Karma in Kismet so Kelly you'll learn is at our heart and artists and is so interesting to see that creative process to go from an idea to putting something on some sort of medium between her stationary to invite cards to apparel and everything in between it is really really cool to see that glimpse into how these things come to life. Kelly is also in amazing businesswoman and running carmine. Kismet really really efficiently so we learned so much from our conversation in I know you guys will enjoy this one too so without further ado we'll go ahead in play the interview you were. Kelly I will introduce yourself and she's gonNA share one random fact that you may not know about her from social media. Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy so my name is Kelly and I'm the creator of Carmen Kismet we're going to be celebrating our five year anniversary in November so I'm getting to a milestone allstone with my small shop that started back when I was graduating from college started out as se store that I was selling. Just all different. Handmade items comes on and it's gotten to the point now where it's all focused on Disney. I have inspired art prints that I'll put out there. My original art mm t shirts stationery custom work anything and everything that kind of brings a little bit of magic into your everyday life. That's what I try to bring into my store and then recently I started a blog that talk about ways to bring home the Disney magic so it may be diy Disney techniques you can use different ways a to decorate your home in Disney. Way Is an also just talking about Disney trips getting excited for your Disney trip. I love kind of sharing with other people as they get got to go on their Disney Adventures and something interesting about that. You wouldn't know from my social media. I guess it's that my nine to five job is is actually as a fundraiser so I talk a lot about myself on social media but that's one thing that I don't really talk too much about i. That's my professional life and I kind of try to keep that separate because you know I take this very seriously about what I do but that's what I do for most of the day actually I love that. That's a good I totally understand the keeping everything separated. Yes it makes it easier to focus your climb claim on different things that way probably our biggest fear is Katharine Students Finding Our podcast today my biggest fear not so much Yale I feel it would be bad for me too though to kind of set the scene tell us about your Disney story. How did it kind of evolve over time in the ultimately lead? NT starting Carmen Kismet in two thousand fourteen so I was very lucky and I was born into Disney family my parents went to Walt Disney world for the first time in nineteen seventy seven on their honeymoon and they fell in love with it they were you know the generation that grew up watching uncle wall on Sunday nights on Wonderful Walt Disney or I guess world color at that point and GM they were are able to experience it and they wanted to give that experience to their children as well so I'm the youngest of three all of us have gone to Disney in our first time was before we were two years old and we just continue to go every year so we would all pile into the minivan and take the twenty hour drive from New Jersey to Orlando every August August and it was great. We got to experience that with three generations bringing my grandparents they're with us sometimes and as we got older the amount of trips that we took just increased and I think our love of it you know the Disney Company has increased and it's been nice. We've had a very close family and I think a lot of that is to do at Disney because no matter what stage we were at if we were at different points in our lives we always had a common interest and that was Disneyland. I think a lot out of the support I get from Carmen Kismet is because it is something that we all are so passionate about that is really cool so take us to that moment in twenty fourteen whenever you decided to open up your shop for the first time kind of what were the conversations that took place. What was your thinking in kind of. What did that launch process collect for you? Yes so Carmen has a very weird start. It really was not started because I wanted to start a business or because I had this hobby. it was almost out of necessity. I was graduating from college. I had my bachelor's degree in political science from Monmouth University and had had decided that I was GonNa make the switch into the arts world so I received a full tuition scholarship to go to Savannah College designed to Study Arts Administration which was wonderful and I was so excited about it and during the summer leading up to my master's degree starting I was working at a small quilt shop in New Jersey with fees whole group group of women that were just so inspiring very talented smart and entrepreneurial so I'm working with them. Having a great time that summer and then I get sick and the doctors didn't know what was going on they weren't able to diagnose it for about ten months so I had a long time of trying to figure route and deal with this in my life as I was going through this major change of being in my master's program also working part time and having internship so I really had to find an escape because I was not dealing with things well so I turned to what's always been my escape which is our in Disney and I started to really create a ton of art and you know it was a lot of painting of that time and diy projects in different things like that so I was doing all that as I'm I'm working at. This quilt store called fabric inspirations someone who has working with said. You really need to think about starting at see store. I know that you're just creating Autun of art in why not try to monetize that so one night in November. I just decided that I might as well start it. Because what do I have to lose and I started you might see store and within twenty four hours. I had my first sale so I felt like I had just had this huge success. and it's really molded in changed over the last five years on but I'm very happy with where it's at right now and I love my story where it started such a cool story. I love that you know you're able to just use art as kind of an escape in like a tough time because I feel like a lot of people in s to who who kind of start these projects all come from you know that kind of mindset like looking for a happier escape like falling back on Disney so I definitely think that's something that a lot of people can relate to absolutely. I think it's you know at first started. I was very nervous to share some of those pieces a story but I think that that's how I really connected with people because we do have so many you know commonalities with the love Disney but also what Disney does for. I live in Y as adults. We still go back after year. I'm always interested because like Detour Neverland is kind of a unique name. What is the story of how you came up with carmine Kismet so it's again another like weird storing so my site grandfather is like my idol and my dad had worked with all of my grandparents to make books that they would give us that was about their lives so my grandfather is from Scotland and has the Scottish accent and everything and so he wrote this book and it had a lot of like mentions of Scottish folklore and everything and I don't know if Carmen Kismet really played into that but the title of his book was was Karma Collapse which is last name kinsman and I just for some reason really connected with that when I was trying to think of a name I didn't WanNa do something that was the two branded to Disney because I had just actually finished art law class and I was like I'm going to get arrested or something. so. I kinda went down the route of wall. What's the definition of Carmen definition of Qismat and you know every single Disney story that you look at has those two themes so you know Karma that things come back around to you. Qismat that things are meant to be if you look at any Disney tale. I feel like all of them. Have that as the route so it was kind of a simple way to get around that art law issue that I was having your naming story is much cooler than mine and Dan. That's that's so funny that like you were going through that so you kind of had that awareness like. I can't just be Disney lovers store. Something are you actually put some thought into it and that it does have like a personal family tie yeah. It's you know it's a special apartment means a lot to my grandfather to whenever we talk about it he still you know he's ninety nine years old and he still asks me every time. I see him. How Carmen Kismet is so. It's so when he mentioned when you first introducing yourself in the shop you mentioned that it wasn't always Disney focused. Is that correct yes yeah at first it was just really all different phantoms because I figured out very soon on that the way to rank on at sea he is to have a keyboard so just putting up like a sketch of a woman or something like that wasn't. GonNa get me anywhere so I focused on Fanta but you know I was doing other things outside of the Disneyworld when I first started out so how did you make that transition to just Disney. I think I figured out you know. I've always been really interested in business. So when I started carbon Kismet I became obsessed with various Yunan and I started to read a lot of blogs and listen to a ton of podcast things in people just talked about the necessity of a niche and I kind of felt like I had my net. She was fan in general but then I realized as I was going further into what I was reading that what I wanted to create was always Disney. that's really where I have the most knowledge and what I'm most interested in learning more about so I felt like it was a good admit for me because it put me in an even smaller niche but it also gave me the opportunity to do what I really was passionate about. I love that because our listeners probably GonNa gag emphasizing their niche one more time but it is so true that it is makes makes things so much easier whenever you niche down so we've. We've talked a little bit about it. And of course you come from artists background and that's kind of the passion that drives everything everything but I'm I wanNA make it crystal clear for our listeners. So what are the different mediums or product lines that you apply that art to that people can check out short short so I'm. I'm a graphic artist. I do a lot of work. Actually on the IPAD IPAD the IPAD PRO has a really great applications occasion. A ton of graphic artists will use Siri doing sketching right on there so a lot of my work comes from there and then I will create art prints that you know you can hang in your house but also now moved into other products so notepads. I'm I have a ton of stationary a lot of custom work for invitations especially especially Disney brides and then also this past year just started working on t shirts because my boyfriend decided that he wanted to learn how to screen print and he said at this would be great so now we also have t-shirts tote bags so apparel and things like that as well yeah. It is so awesome. It's great to have such a wide variety of different ways. You can test out different pieces of art in figure out. What's the best medium of where to put

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