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Guess apple had some sort of Shindig on Tuesday by innovation. Only there were a few people said okay. Hey if you're going to have an invitation that says by innovation you best innovate Devendra now first of all. You probably already ready have an iphone but you can't say it because I don't have it but I have touched them and they're very nice. Oh Oh you can say that a video phone yes the iphone eleven was a weird it was kind of a weird event for apple I had so much to talk about that they had had to jam it and they didn't start with their traditional owed to money-making and the stores they kicked they kicked right into Apple Arcade Plus TV plus and then they I went to the watch by the time they got the IPHONE. which I thought was going to be the story of the hour the only announced one the iphone eleven? I said the most successful iphone this year was was the iphone ten are here's its successor the iphone eleven now with two lenses and I thought well this is interesting the the big I think the big story there was the price which is fifty bucks less than the iphone ten are at six ninety nine and then they said Oh oh and by the way there are some other phones the iphone pro eleven pro and the iphone eleven flashbacks. I'm sorry PROMEX rollbacks. I say Flex 'cause I can't remember the all the all y'all have slow fee. There's a lump they all have slow fees SLO MO cell. Oh fees so these this is apples now in a tick talk talk situation. Aren't they six. They used to be every other year would be an asset and kind of the same form factor but a little bit improved and then a big improvement. The next year like the ten was a big improvement at the tennis was a talk and this is really a talk to the talk isn't it. I think it Kinda that speaks to like how a smartphone upgrade cycles are working now to like. Most people keep their two or three years. Here's it kind of makes sense. There's no point like killing yourself to bring something new and groundbreaking out every two years when you can kind of coast on how people actually buy if he's phones and take some more time with that hardware so yeah. I'm not surprised at this. Year's phones aren't too revolutionary. It is nice having an extra lens across the line. The three lenses the pros that's GonNa be really interesting. they really cleaned up the phone names to cause the ten are and the tennis. Those were all really dumb because there's a real L. numeral so it looks like it's just it was a mess so eleven nice and clean. I've eleven pro macbook MAC pro. It's all good and I think we're all expecting expecting the big big upgrade to be next year's when we're GONNA see five eight most likely the twenty twenty iphones but is there such a thing Georgia as a professional yeah you know professional for the phone that you have in your pocket better than but you know no understand automatic and a MAC pro I understand the macbook pro or even an IPAD and IPAD probe right yeah that's starting to stretch it on more for pros just easy and quick and it makes you feel a little bit more elite so exactly now but they need something short and snappy and easy and people understand that you're getting a little bit more for it. I think the thing for me makes it pro as someone who spends like literally all day on your phone because the light listening need to podcasts or making software making guys is like I just need more battery life and I think the fact that this year apple finally put more more battery in the back of these things for be like having that extra life is what makes it pro. It's more matters a lot yeah. If you make make a huge case so now let me ask because I wasn't clear. Is this five the iphone pro maxing has five hours more battery life than what the tennis Max like like their equipment so it is it is head to head. It is more but we don't lot five hours. Yeah we do know that the new display they're saying I think the new ole is fifteen percent more efficient and the new processor is likely more efficient so these this is where the battery life is coming from probably I've also been hearing from a lot of people have installed. IOS Thirteen eighteen the public Beta and thirteen one. That's much more efficient. They're better battery life so straight on all three fronts apple. The new processor is the a thirteen bionic. Is that right beliefs. Oh yeah sorry so I think that's the that's the other annoying thing by the way with the pro WPRO designation last year the ten are the tennis phones had the exact same processor yes and that was a big price difference now. It's like iphone eleven basic iphone pro still with the same processor yeah and that's I don't know I kind of wish there was a little more of a bump. They're just really earned that pro title straight now where you have the extra camera so you have the alleged really nice refreshments screens and the kind of slick not slick but like the Matt Glass back and the stainless steel construction. That's Cardinal. You're you're getting. That's surgical stainless. Surgically yes grave thought was really weird because like I'm not going to perform an open heart surgery with my phone. I could see that in a scalpel but a phone. I don't know yeah I think for me. The most frustrating thing about the whole eleven eleven eleven Brent Levin Peru Max is as you can see here. They ship the case your head of the actual I hate that you get a box from a I go oh my would. It's just the flipping case you really you you really all in an apple because you bet the apple clear case which is forty dollars and as far as I could tell this identical these seven ninety nine one. I bought surgical. Oh break clear you're paying for but you know it will fit just right so that's probably important okay so so the so the this is a seven nanometer processor. This is actually I think apple deserves more credit for its custom processors than they're getting This looked looked like and it was interesting because they brought somebody for the first time I can ever remember from the processor group up on stage. Oh yeah it was like an out for a second there. It was like Whoa half billion transistors or something. It's just it's mind boggling what they're doing. I think they're my guess is they're highlighting these guys because they're eventually going to be making processors processors for the entire kit right all the way all the way up to the computers I think if we're we're seeing snapdragon laptops already and windows machines running on Snapdragon so so they they are kind of setting the stage it just kind of make sense like oh but by next year if we see a Mac book powered by the a fourteen or whatever we wouldn't be too surprised. I guess I I do have to say that increase battery life and it's across the line although five hours is the longest promex if that's accurate and we won't know until I guess I'm going to guess that at places like in Gadget and I'm more have embargoed units that they'll report on it. I'm GonNa Guess Wednesday usually a few days before they ship they get the the reviews started coming out and all the main stream publications so we won't really know and then Friday I fix it will won't be in Australia and they will get at midnight. They will get their iphone. Take it apart immediately so we'll then know how much battery we'll know a little bit more about the processor the cameras and all that stuff but I you know I think if they really get literally get five hours more. That's huge. That's thirty forty percent. That's a big difference Prince. It's a big deal like I don't know if it's enough to upgrade from tennis models if you have one of those battery life on an iphone interest. That's what you do with your phone right. It's nice not to have to find a place to charge your phone so if you're using it all the time this may be worth it. I think it's extremely carry one of those lovely. You know hunchback kind of battery cases on the back so that's curry the ugly I carry I currently they have the the the tennis Max with the battery case a while and it is like carrying a brick eight a battery so one one of the the these little on Friday Friday coincidentally happens to be my birthday's could be like nice birthday on the planet because going and picking those guys up and then getting the pipe while I was getting the pipes and out of the pocket and be Very Brett Cavenaugh story from college you don't you don't WanNa share that one too soon way you too soon so that's an example of that because johnny is left but the Johnny Ivy era. It's always he's been center center center. Center Center apple didn't say thinner once they said better battery life Hallelujah heavier they are data you know after the Ben Gate I think they went. You know what thinner is probably not better. I think that he believes enough panic stricken. Let's make sure it's actually better uh-huh enough. Every Olympics are getting added weight because of this the surgical grade steel and believe new display like I so from just suspects alone the T. V. Ten Perot Max or the eleven pro Max ways half a pound. This is the heaviest iphone we've already made yeah I feel I feel like they were waiting between that and the the new keyboards on the new macbook prayers I feel like they would just literally like waiting. Thank God Butterfly Keyboard the keyboard at an extra little bit way on that like thank God Janis no hair to to say I can't be the case but still does feel like that doesn't Camp I mean he just left a jeff before he latte has been on the works. it wasn't a quick fix unless there was a skunkworks in the back of the campus when when Johnny beliefs were gonNA show this keyboard yeah the reports were they. He basically checked out for the past couple of years yeah so who knows like how now yeah yeah. I hope you're right. We'll Harris. I do hope there is a new and by the way I think it's pretty clear because apple only announced the low end ipad the three twenty nine version and with the giant they look out they giant vessels the home button a fingerprint reader they only announced that which means we know thanks to the the European database that there are at least two more models coming. I think that I saw that so. There's gotTA B. and they're gonNa we know there's a MAC pro coming this year if you can afford it and we know that so we see I think there's going to be October event with all of these things right that makes sense yeah yeah so yeah I would say it disappointed like on the back to sort of entry level ipad things

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