Euro 2020 draw: England in group with Croatia while Wales meet Italy



Thank you very much God. Meanwhile in Romania the JOE is made for the Euro Two thousand nine hundred finals next summer here it is on its glory in group. Eight Italy Wales and Switzerland or Jones again in Group B Denmark Finland Belgium and Russia in Group C. It's the Dutch Ukraine Austria and then one of the four teams will qualify via the playoffs in Group Day England Croatia and the Czech Republic will also be joined by a team entering via the playoffs in group e Spain Sweden Poland then another playoff win a group F. That's the big one is Jimmy France Portugal and and then another playoff win at for a lot more on the jaw gap. It might take some people a while to fully wrap their heads around euro. Twenty twenty of course This tournament unlike any other at the anniversary tournament. It's not going to be hosted at one place. It's spread all over Europe from From Glasgow and London in the West all the way to Baku Ho. That's all the way to the to the east so these groups that were drawn. There's different dynamics. The top seeds get a whole bunch of games at home which of course is also is also going to impact things. I think tremendously so if you're the likes of of Spain if you're the likes of Italy Holland and of course England Then it'd be pretty happy. Tell you. WHO's not going to be happy? Germany Portugal and France the last two World Cup winners with of of course the defending euro champions Portugal sandwiched in between. They're all in the same group we don't know who the fourth one is. Because that's another one of the vagaries of of this draw that there's still issues to be settled via the playoffs but it presents a really interesting dynamic. Now remember a this is a two thousand fourteen year old like the last one which means that some third-placed teams will advance Portugal. Of course advances the third place team last time around they. He did it without winning a game and of course they went on to be crowned European champion so doesn't necessarily mean one of these big three Portugal. Germany and France are going out early But it does mean that you have to be careful whoever whoever that that fourth-placed or that the fourth seed in that group is going to be you know that teams are GonNa go all out against them because you simply cannot even contemplate dropping points if you want to advance as third seed so all to play for and it starts this summer and tell you what some people don't like all the traveling around but it's going to be different. It's going to be good

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