How a 'Flipped Palate' Affects a Racing Horse

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Nick Zito sent out Kentucky. Derby runner-up is box in the Belmont stakes. After having won the Florida Derby icebox went off as the three to one favorite in the test of the champion. But he finished ninth after the race. Zito said that icebox had flipped his Palette which caused his dull finish. So what does that mean. Take the tip of your tongue and tickle the back of your mouth make sure due to keep that soft tissue back. They're soft don't stiff in your throat. Okay that soft tissue. You're feeling with your tongue. Is Your soft oft pallet with race. Horses that soft palate can flip up and sit. On top of the EPA Gladys the EPA gladys is the little flap of skin skin in the back of your throat. That makes sure you don't swallow food down your windpipe or breathe into your stomach instead of your lungs. So when the soft palate sits it's on that EPA gladys the airway is partially obstructed. And the Horse isn't getting all the fuel it needs now. Typically the cure for a flipped pallet. Hallett is a minor surgical procedure to lift the Palette. So it doesn't flip up. It sounds relatively simple and in theory the horse should return to form thereafter rafter. But in the case of icebox after that throat surgery he finished off the board in the Haskell travers and the Monmouth Cup in fact icebox never won another race and finished in the top three in one allowance race over the next year and a half his final start. Art was an eleventh in the two thousand Eleven Breeders Cup classic. So here's the question. Is there a little more to it when a horse flips. It's pallet. It seems that that some researchers at Cornell University have been investigating that very question and one of those investigators. Dr Norm Ducharme joins us here on the gate with some surprising results. It's alternate and one of those investigators. Dr Jonathan Chatham joins us here on the gate with some surprising results. Alternate Ed and one of those investigators. Dr Martin Bucer. Coney joins US here on the gate with some surprising results. Your colleagues and you have spent a great deal of time researching researching what causes the soft palate to be displaced. What have you found so we found that in the earlier about historically shortly? We used to think that I was always the pallets fault that something was wrong with the pallid itself and that's led to a lot of treatment targeting the pallet but we found that it's the position of the larynx voice box that stabilizes the upper airway horses that exercise. This is and this is Pacific to race horses or horses that do more than just trotting any horse. Galloping race of the our study was focus on them as horses and we found that one specific muscle and they could be others as well. Just one that there's more studies on fatigues a few seconds before the Horse Displaces Palate is upper airway become loose quote unquote. And then the polit spices. The Racehorse In the second career often can become a sport horse and being the same greed so but if you relate into other functions that complained and many of the sport anymore says on a horse that this thing is talent is the normal noise. He's so the displacement of palate causes an obstruction to the airflow but unless the horse needs maximum airflow flow capacity the obstruction does not interfere or is unlikely to interfere with the performance of the Horse. But the horse the second thing that a pal how displacement does in the vast majority of horses as it creates an abnormal up arrest story noise often referred to as snoring or gurgling really. It's the same structure that people that snore vibration of the palate and horses is that displays the Palette of vibration of Palate as well and have normal noise affects the perception of judge. This writer in in the sports world. Can you please explain what the common surgical procedure is. How does the Pallet get lifted up? It's the airflow during excellence. And that lifts the Palette and causing obstruction during excavation and that's opposed to most other obstruction in the worst is anyway which happens during installation so during acceleration wants to the boys boxes below the Palette. The Palette is like Cassandra or spinnaker in an airflow get caught and the airflow and and lifts it up and vibrates just like you and I. We were snoring. The that's probably the proper metaphor accepting happens while racing or galloping horses now if the issue is muscle fatigue in the soft palate is that indicative negative of General Muscle Fatigue in the Horse in other words is the horse just destined not to run that fast no there. It's and then muscle fatigue in the muscles that controlled the position of voice box. We don't know that the soft palate actually fatigues south excellent. Maybe a an innocent bystander in that area were too soft pilots natural strength and fatigue May may not be able to prevent displacement. When it's an in nonsense illogical position meaning it sticking stuck on the air flow in the middle of the airflow but to come back to the fatigue? So so we've and this paper here that we're referring discovering muscles. Fatigue is is the likely cause of displacement and most forces right forces that is but they sit in their first. I'll answer question to through faith. The first question is is the muscle the horse just fatigue and this is just one of many muscles that are fatigue and and the answer is it's no. This seems to be specific to the muscle that controls the upper airways not the entire worse. There's different type above muscle their arrest story muscle which are meant to function all the time. And there's muscle us When the horses are galloping the skeletal muscle and the training of horses is focused on training them to be able to compete athletically? Let it quickly really focusing on their cardiovascular fitness as well as their skeletal muscle fitness. But we're not sure that the upper for airway current training at that are optimized for the upper airways voices and they might not be optimized optimizing for this group of forces that are predisposed to it because they have the wrong muscle fiber

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