Trump won't participate in House Judiciary impeachment hearing



President trump and his lawyers are declining the invitation to take part in the house and peach been hearing this week they say that they believe the president will not get a quote semblance of a fair process John Laurence reports is it in trump putting thousands of miles between himself and his impeachment woes he and the First Lady or attending a NATO event in London this week but even if he was in town the president wouldn't participate in the house Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing Wednesday White House lawyer passable only released a letter Sunday night calling the inquiry baseless and highly partisan legal analyst Paul Callan says this is entirely consistent with Craddick printers pursued by the president's lawyer stuff through the mall investigation which is promising enormous levels of cooperation promising that the president would actively be involved in and pulling back at the last minute the letter accuses chairman Jerrold Nadler of purposely scheduling hearing during the NATO meeting however simple only left the door open for White House participation in future hearings while some believe that could be a good idea I think would be to the president's advantage to have his attorneys there that is his right that's G. O. P. rep Tom McClintock on A. B. C.'s this week others say that could be a risky move for the White House Paul Callen says allowing his own attorneys to participate in the proceedings against the proceedings wickedness

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