New York, Anthony Scaramucci, House Intelligence Committee discussed on The Michael Knowles Show


Happy memo day everybody you know i just finished breakfast across the street with my friend from new york and we decided to bring him by here to maybe talk about some of the things that are in the news i am joined today by very stable genius former white house communications director anthony scaramucci the man the myth the legend the move which there is breaking news the house intelligence committee has released a damning memo suggesting the fbi and doj colluded with democrats to undermine and spy on the trump presidential campaign we will get anthony's first public comments on the memo then we will find out whether president trump really is a very stable genius who the good guys and the bad guys are in the white house how the muller investigation ends and where the trump train steams off to next i'm michael knowles and this is the michael noshow the so is there anything going on on the news today i dunno before we get to all of that before we get to that folks listen i know that anthony scaramucci he's a hustler this guy has a lot of talents he's worked on a lot of skills in his life he's bounced from a career to other aspects of industry into politics back into finance and you know how he does that is because he's got a lot of skills and you should too the skill shares and online learning platform with over eighteen thousand classes in design business technology and more you can take classes and graphic design social media marketing illustration mobile photography communications choose just to name a few uh they have a wonderful wonderful classes whether you're trying to deepen your professional skill set start a side hustle maybe make it all the way up to the white house or just explore new passion skill share is there to keep you learning and thriving this is really good i'm taking one now on time management because you know it.

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