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Still writer, Mexico rain. The story of Dylan Bonnie her Santa Fe talks Joni Mitchell, seventy five a birthday celebration. And magnolia Mondays presents I am not your negro in partnership with collected works bookstore. Stay tuned next week few by crown movie minute as phase your most unforgettable movie experience at sixteen o six street in the Santa Fe railyard. Movie tickets now dot com. Hello. This is Rick Barati Nellie with Borodin nearly funeral home. This year is we celebrate fifty years of quality service to our community. We continue to embrace this ideals that my parents, Bob and Pat Borodin instilled in our staff the opening our doors help families honor a life. Well, lived and Taylor services that he'll hearts of those left behind quality service, insincere, compassion, remain, constant Coles variety and funeral home. Since nineteen sixty eight always here, always compassionate, always reliable. That's the Borodin Ellie difference city of Santa Fe would like to knowledge the brave women and men in our community who have served our great country in an effort to show appreciation for veterans. The city of Santa Fe transit division will provide free bus service to all local veterans for details on how to acquire transit veterans card. Please contact the Santa Fe trails administrative office at nine five five two thousand eight or visit their website at take the trails dot com. We thank you for your service and sacrifices forever. Grateful. Have you heard about fetch dot com? We literally deliver anything everything from hundreds of local businesses from eighty nine to midnight during the week. And now, I'm on the weekends including restaurants coffee shops, drugstores cleaning office supplies and convenience stores. Use the app place phone order at five zero five go fetch place in order to fetch from one place where add additional pickups to the same delivery at the office. Get more out of your team meetings large or small veg delivers lunch and Cottam for two people or twenty at home get more time. Fetch will run your errands and venue dinner is an from tycoon. This must be offering twenty dollars off your special tight taika Fe twenty again, the promo code is zero plus twenty dollars off your lunch and dinner delivery, thirty to eight PM daily in February look for the fetch electric cars by Santa Fe Kia wanna make extra cash fetches looking for drivers for more info, go to fetch dot com. Call five oh, five go, fetch. Or download the new version from the app stores. Sunday,.

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