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To guess what he's saying. The clip now. What Right right. I think he's trying to say anyway, right? But it sure sounds like he's saying Ray Ray. Alrighty. Continue with Joe Biden and the Dodgers. But the Dodgers are a lot more than a baseball club. They really are. Pillar American culture. And American progress, and that's for real. Team that brought us the voice of Vin Scully in sending arm of Sandy Koufax and Fernando, Venezuela, and I was talking with staff and they said, I want to teach how to pronounce that name. I said, I watched him pitch. I'm only 37. But it's I wish anyway. Uh huh. I love how Biden transitions that abiding eventually through the mic over to Clayton Kershaw and did this absolutely smoothly Now let's bring up three time Cy Young Award winner. Fighting Chris Shaw to say a few words. Clayton Crenshaw Crenshaw to, uh, some words and maybe through a few curveballs, okay? That's just some of the yucks that were happening as the Dodgers were celebrated at the White House, which is a fantastic event for all of Dodger Nation here, although it's a little weird that that headline dropped at the same time as Major League baseball, putting Dodger pitcher and heart high school alumni Trevor Bauer on suspension for seven days because of these allegations that I don't really want to get into because well To really describe what's being alleged. Can't even do it on the radio. It's uh, you know, there was some encounters the Trevor Bauer was having with women. Allegedly, according to Trevor Bauer, He was asked to do certain things that were somewhat violent, but was asked to do them and did them too well. Let's just move on from there. He hasn't been charged with anything. Everything is alleged, but Major League Baseball doesn't want the story, so they're not letting them pitch on Sunday. Now it is travel day. A lot of people going out of town. As we said a lot of reporters standing at L, A X and there were a lot of reporters at L. A X this morning because there was a quote suspicious package at Terminal two, which backed up the horseshoe for hours. It was a nightmare. And guess what Traffic is going to be bad today as well. Because Vice President Kamala Harris is flying into l A X at six o'clock, which means around six o'clock, you're going to see bad traffic on the West side in Westchester and all the way to Brentwood. So, uh, camel hair spending the weekend here in Los Angeles goody for us. They really got to have, like just a helicopter straight to wherever she needs to go. Don't clock up the traffic with the motorcades. But, you know, it is a interesting time to be talking about l A X because last week was the groundbreaking ceremony for something. That L A X has been waiting for for generations, almost centuries at this point, and that is to be the last airport ever to have public transportation. Straight to the terminals were building that people mover and yesterday well last week. Eric Garcetti, Mike Bonin, Janice on Ollie Mitchell, a few other dignitaries. They broke ground on The L A X train going from the Crenshaw line to l A X. You can get on the subway and go all the way to the airport, and we're going to play you a whole bunch of this. Absolutely bonkers. Congratulatory press conference As soon as we take this call from Robert, who wants to play? What the hell did Joe Biden say? Hey, Robert. Hey, John. How you doing? It's Randy. But you know, I'm doing great, Randy. Sorry. I speak a little Joe Biden. I think what he was trying to say you're but at any rate, Okay, Let's try it right, right. Right, right, but at any rate Alright. Alright. I'm gonna give it to you. I think that's what it is. Congratulations. Thanks and have a good one. Oh, that takes me back 802 to 2 K. ABC is the phone number Eric Garcetti tell us why it's so important that we're breaking down breaking ground on the train to l A X. This is the kind of day in which we say l A isn't just Marked by doing big things, but we are defined by the way that our ambitions continue to propel us forward out of some of the darkest days into what we can see just ahead. I gotta warn you people. Garcetti hasn't done any kind of press conference in a long time because he's hiding from everyone because the India job so he hasn't been able to express platitudes and they've been building up in his system. So you're going to hear a lot of them today. Propel us forward out of some of the darkest days into what we can see just ahead of us. Not hope hanging on the horizon, but hope in our hands, Jobs, less traffic. Cleaner air the capability of welcoming people from around the world in the country or welcoming Angelenos back home and not being that place in which you have to do that stuck. By yourself, or maybe with one other person in a car in traffic. That today is what we celebrate here. As we break ground on the connection of two great entities, both of which I'm so proud to be a small part of our Los Angeles world airports and our Los Angeles County. Metropolitan Transportation Authority or Metro. That's right. Metro and L. A X are finally coming together. You're going to be able to get on at the Crenshaw line and go all the way to l, A X and the people mover won't have to drive to the horseshoe. Who Garcetti explains how great this is Now. It's a cliche here in Los Angeles that usually we don't know how to get along with each other right that we Cut government into so many pieces that they can't talk to each other can take on big projects that agencies don't like doing things together that the business community residential community, the governmental communities really don't interact with one another. I don't think that's a cliche. That's just fact. I mean, this is a project has been talked about for decades before I was even born. But I'd like to put Exhibit a here today, this group of leaders out in the audience and right here. The men and women who buildings the engineers and the architects, the people who are the dreamers and those who are the elected public officials who I'm so proud to serve with the community members who demand that we do it in a way and I won't take Mike Bonds line, but you'll hear it That is good, both at the airport and for the residents. And I'm going to pause every so often I encourage our speakers to is the Planes come by here. Nothing. I love better than a press conference at the airport as you hear planes taking off in the background to but we are finally here. To bring a train to the plane. He did it, Everyone I love to rise. You love to ride. Let's ride together and have a good time. All you know him. You love him. Thats Raimi, Eric Garcetti. Just.

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