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On WCBS. Let's get the weather forecast now with CBS twos. John Elliott gradual clearing during the course of the day. But there's a reason why the wind is gonna shift south west wind replaced by a west then northwest wind. So we'll see more Sambo you'll really warm up that much high of fifty seven and then overnight tonight, partly cloudy, but it's going to be cooler forty-three for morning low in the city, but tell you what some wind chills north and west could easily dip into the twenty s mostly sunny Tuesday with a high of fifty six mostly sunny, Wednesday, warmer, high of sixty three more clouds north and west we could see a late afternoon. Shower, partly sunny and mild Thursday here comes November. And we're heading up to close to seventy high of sixty nine showers return overnight Thursday into Friday. So Friday starts wet then cloudy, sixty two from CBS news. I'm charlie. Thank you. John w CBS news time ten twenty. A year after hurricane Maria. It's still a struggle in Puerto Rico, especially for animals who once had a home WCBS, Sean Adams has our story from main street Tanya Eisenstein used to work at one of the largest investment banks in the world. I'm a recovered attorney. She walked away from Wall Street and devoted herself to her passion. Always makes me happy. And that is dogs. Nacho is her loyal six-year-old sharpei mix. He was found in a parking lot down in Puerto Rico. I didn't intend to adopt them. He was one of our many foster dogs, and we just kind of fell in love Nacho is the unofficial mayor of Eisenstein Upper West side, doggy daycare and boarding facility camp canine, which also doubles as a temporary shelter for other rescued dogs from Puerto Rico. She says before hurricane Maria. There were close to half a million strays on the island since the hurricane that number has only gone up as families abandoned their their pets. They lost their own homes. They often couldn't keep their pets. But also, there's a different culture around pets down there than there is here. It's not a big spay and neuter culture as chair of animal lighthouse rescue Eisenstein recently brought four Puerto Rican pooches to the US, including Mario Cipollini. That's why I ended up taking him because I picked him up down in the shelter. And he just hung onto me by put them on me. And he clung as we have to take this guy back. I can't leave him here. Mario just loves to be cradled like a little baby. He was scared. He was drooling. Uncontrollably shaking. Uncontrollably. Now, you know, he walks on the leash he knows how to go to the bathroom outside in just a week. She says in spite.

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