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On our community cats podcast Facebook page, and we're actually going to be using those as the basis for today's show along with several other topics. So keep those questions coming folks, we really want to be good resource and giving the information that you were looking for in the meantime, Stacy thanks again for being a guest on your own show. Lisa thanks again for joining me. Happy to do it. I know that on the website. You have a little video that talks about how you got started and rescue. But I wonder if those people who haven't had a chance to watch that yet tell us about how you got started. Sometimes you say it's always starts with one CAD is that I would start it for you. Well, I've always had cats in my life. I grew up with a cat. At a very grumpy always thought to be old cat because she was like seven years old when I was born. So I learned how to deal with. I guess you would say the aggressive grumpy cat from very early age. So I've never been thought of as really a crazy cat loving person. But I've always had a cat in my life. So I guess I have to qualify it. We've always been a single cat household Intel I entered into the realm of rescue, which obviously than the numbers tend to have an exponential changing at that point in time. I got started with the Merrimack river feline rescue society, which has been the first and only group that I've really worked with back in nineteen ninety four it really started with just a knowledge of their first adoption center that they had I had been at the local veterinarians picking up some food for my current cat that I had adopted in college in New York, and I also had found a small kitten in newburyport just walking home from getting ice cream. So I did have a local newburyport cat in my life. Little did. I know that. That she was one of several hundred that we're living in newburyport at that time. And I found a brochure for the group. And I said, well, I could give them a donation. I could give them some food. And so I started out by just giving donation and food then I got on their mailing list..

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